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Indianna Jones and The Broken Leg

Indie three months after breaking her leg

Meet a modern day Hippie. Indie is an 18 year old native of Ithaca, New York. (And her last name is not really Jones). Her parents were hippies. She grew up in household where weed was as prevalent as food. Neither parent worked. The family lived in a commune. And -- get this -- mom and dad drove a Volkswagen Bus.

Indie on the right was a championship swimmer in high school

In spite of her hippie background, Indie somehow developed a knack for swimming. In high school, she held many state records for her age group.

On February 9, 2016, Indie went skiing with friends at Labrador Mountain Ski Resort in upstate New York. Indie, a good athlete, hit an icy patch and ended up with a broken tibia. Because Indie's fibula was unbroken, the leg setting process was quite difficult. After three attempts to re-align the tibia, Indie was sent home in a full leg cast with a warning that surgery may be in her future.

I adore this cast picture. It was taken the day after Indie's injury. Note how the cast is maintained an inch or so above the floor. The girl's toes are long and elegant. The toes on her right foot are freshly painted. Indie was apparently unable to paint the toes on her casted foot

With luck on her side, Indie avoided surgery and 8 weeks after the injury was walking normally.

Indie suffers from depression and anxiety. She keeps both conditions in check with healthy doses of marijuana.

Indie as a senior in high school

Following her graduation from high school, Indie decided to see the world. She spent a year traveling the United States in the VW Van her parents gave her as a graduation present.

Indie with VW mini van.

Recently, Indie spent a month in Iceland doing a research project. Living conditions were modest but Indie could care less. During a rock climbing adventure, Indie fell and broke both wrists.

Indie's arms were initially placed in soft splints

Indie told her parents she was gay at the ripe old age of 13. Neither cared. Here is Indie in Iceland with a couple of close friends. Indie's left leg seems to have healed well. Note one of her friends seems to have a broken toe.

Once Indie got to civilization, her wrists were placed in colorful red casts.

Indie didn't let a couple of arm casts prevent her from enjoying life. Here she is (center front) soaking her casts in warm water from an Iceland hot spring

Gee. I wonder why the casts began to fall apart? Fortunately, duct tape solves all cast problems

Indie, with the help of her perpetually high girlfriend, eventually cut the cast off of her left wrist. I wonder where the girl's wet index finger was?

Indie is now back from Iceland and has renewed her tour of the United State. Alaska is her current destination.

Indie has this Volkswagen symbol proudly displayed on her social media sites

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