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Is golf a dangerous sport?

Rachel certainly thinks so. In the summer of 2017, this Michigan resident was playing a round with her boyfriend at the time (he is now an ex boyfriend for reasons that will become clear in a moment. She and the boyfriend had consumed a few beers. The boyfriend was driving the cart and Rachel was in the passenger's seat.

This photo was taken hours before Rachel's accident

So after finishing the 9th hole, boyfriend decides to head for the turn room for more beer. He takes a turn going way too fast and bounces Rachel out of the cart. She breaks and dislocates her ankle.

Fortunately, the pro shop staff are nearby to help. The severity of the injury is obvious to all. They load Rachel into the head pro's car and he drives her to the hospital.

Three hours later, Rachel returned home in a pink cast. Because she had been drinking, the ankle was set with no pain killers When I talked to her several weeks later, she said the reduction process was the worst 30 minutes of her life.

The accident happened on a Saturday and surgery was scheduled for the following Friday.

During surgery, screws and plates were inserted in the ankle.

Look at those long, elegant toes. I would kill to have toes like Rachel's even with the bunions

Following surgery, Rachel was placed in a burgundy cast. Note that Rachel has bunions. She terms them a 'minor imperfection' and has no plans to have them removed. I actually think they add to the appeal of her feet.

I suspect Rachel and Melissa were sleeping together after the golf cart driving boyfriend was out of Rachel's life

Rachel, who works for a home builder, was out of work for a total of 13 weeks because of the accident. She developed depression and financial difficulties during her recovery, Her best friend, Melissa, visited Rachel daily and took care of many routine chores including toenail painting.

Rachel is now back to work and back to playing golf. The ankle still swells and she has a limp if she is on it too long. The boyfriend is history.

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