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Izzy Gets a Break

Izzy is a British pre-teen whose hobby is mini moto racing. This is a sport that features small motorcycles. Because speeds are limited and the rider is close to the ground, the sport is marketed as being much safer than regular motorcycle racing. Try to tell that to Izzy!

In March of this year, Izzy took a little spill off of her bike. Both bone's in her lower leg were broken.

Izzy in her father's car on the way to the ER

Izzy in the ER with her mother. Mom was a fashion model and Izzy is following in her mother's footsteps

The angle of the leg is hard to look at. The leg is obviously broken

Izzy endured a painful setting session in the ER and was placed in a temporary

splint until surgery could be scheduled.

During surgery, screws were inserted to stabilize Izzy's tibia and fibula

Following surgery, Izzy was placed in a below the knee cast.

Kids heal fast. By May, Izzy was out of the cast and weight bearing.

Izzy in her school uniform showing off her stylish walking boot

I find Izzy interesting on a number of levels. First, she maintains an extremely active social media presence. On one popular social media site, Izzy has over 50,000 followers. Not bad for a pre-teen.

Izzy's popularity is helped by her good looks. She models for a number of young adult magazines in Great Britain.

One of Izzy's pictures that appeared in a fashion magazine

Izzy also has secured endorsements from a number of mini moto equipment and clothing manufacturers. These manufacturers pay Izzy to wear and display their logos.

Quite a lot of activity for a pre-teen. Imagine what this kid can accomplish when she hits her teenage years.

Now fully healed. Izzy displays her scar. Izzy resumed racing this month

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