Jiu Jitsu Fighter Breaks Her Leg Twice

When I was in high school, my boyfriend was a wrestler. My best friend, a slim, curly haired blond named Elena was dating a wrestler also. In the winter, we spent almost every Saturday in some smelly gymnasium watching hormonal, sweaty, teen boys rolling around on bacteria laden wrestling mats trying to force each other into submission.

One Saturday in February, Elena and I had enough of watching boys wrestle. We spent the morning smoking weed and drinking bourbon and coke. We showed up at the gym early afternoon. During a break in the action, Elena and I decided to give wrestling a go on our own. This was back in the days when women wrestlers were virtually unheard of.

So Elena and I kicked off our shoes and socks and went at it in the center mat of the gym. The boys and their family in the stands went nuts. They clapped and cheered wildly as Elena and I - so stoned we could hardly stand up - slapped each other trying to attempt some form of take down. Finally, we collapsed in a heap and rolled around on the mat for a bit. Once again, the crowd went nuts.

Fortunately, this was years before the advent of the cell phone camera so what happened next was not captured for posterity. After groping each other's sweaty bodies for 2 or 3 minutes, Elena and I began to kiss. Not light cheek kissing. But deep throat kissing and breast fondling while laying on a wrestling match in front of 300 people. At the sight of this, the crowd really went nuts. So did the principle, wrestling coach, and a couple of off duty police officers.

Needless to say, Elena and I were not invited to wrestling tryouts the next year.

Donna in black on the bottom fighting a larger competitor. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps smaller competitors beat larger ones by taking the fight to the ground

With that lead in, let me introduce you to Donna. Donna is a 28 year old Barista who lives in England. She practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is a form of martial arts practiced primarily on the ground. It requires strength, leverage, and agility.

Donna a month before breaking her leg with a black eye. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not for the feint hearted

In June of 2018, Donna was practicing her skills with a larger combatant. Her opponent landed on her leg during a take down. The result was a severely broken tibia and fibula.

Donna minutes after breaking her leg. Don't let the smile fool you. She was in massive amounts of pain while waiting for the stretcher to arrive.

So off to the hospital Donna went. She was x-rayed and her leg was set in a full length purple cast.

Donna in the emergency room in her stylish purple cast

Now this is where the story gets interesting. I would have bet 'dimes to donuts' that Donna was a lesbian. Sorry to my non-American friends for the use of an American idiom. The term dimes to donuts means a sure bet and was originated during the 1800 's when a dime was 100 times more valuable than donuts.

But as luck had it, Donna was heterosexual and due to get married weeks after breaking her leg.

Donna at her Hen Do - Whatever the hell that is

In Britain, there is something called a 'Hen Do' that is held shortly before a bride's wedding. This is, apparently, similar to a bachelor party where notoriously bad things often happen to male grooms and their best men.

Donna getting her tootsies properly prepared for her wedding day at the 'Hen Do'

The bridesmaids attending the Hen Do apparently had some spa time and then launched into a serious round of drinking.

The morning after the Hen Do party. Sobering up with coffee and coffee cake

Fortunately, the bride survived the night and was married a day or two later.

Donna and her groom. The gown hides Donna's full leg cast

After 12 weeks in the full leg cast, Donna graduated to a below the knee cast. Her breaks healed slower than expected and Donna ended up spending 20 plus weeks in casts. This was followed by several months of physical therapy.

Donna's walking cast. She had the thing replaced three time because of the amount of walking she did while in the cast

Fast forward to May of 2019. Donna, who is very athletic and logged 13,000 plus steps a day while in her walking cast was finally cleared to begin Jiu Jitsu practice again. And guess what happened on her first day of training?

Donna's full leg cast after breaking her leg for the second time in a year

During a take down, the cute curly hair blonde in the first picture of this blog landed on Donna's leg with her knee. Donna's leg was re-broken in the same place. So much for broken bones being stronger once they are healed. Donna was placed in another full leg cast and spent her first anniversary eating Chinese food with her husband in their apartment while icing her leg.

To her credit, Donna did not flip out when she broke her leg the second time. She joked about color coordinating her socks and shoes with her cast

Finally, in January of 2020, Donna resumed Jiu Jitsu training. She has fingers and toes crossed that breaking her leg will not become an annual event.

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