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Jolie The Wrestler (And the missing videos)

In many ways, hunting for good cast finds can be like hunting for dinosaur bones. A successful dinosaur excavation requires no small measures of luck, timeliness, and attention to detail. I lacked all three as I started to pull together this blog post.

This young lady is Jolie. She lives in the Midwest of the US and is a kick ass wrestler. Trust me, even the manliest of men on this cast site would not want to spend three minutes on a wrestling mat with Jolie.

Jolie is 14. Two years ago, she had the misfortune of breaking her leg in wrestling practice. She was placed in a full leg splint in the emergency room.

This picture was taken of Jolie the morning she broke her leg. Jolie comes from a large family. She is shown with her little brothers

Jolie's tibia was broken near mid shaft. The splinting process was painful although she handled it like a man

This is one tough cookie. Jolie is shown here after a painful reduction and splinting session. No pain medications for this girl.

Fortunately, the break did not require surgery and Jolie was relegated to life in a series of full leg casts. Her biggest disappointment was not the leg casts but missing wrestling practice.

This Jolie being placed in her first long leg cast. This is a screen shot from an amazing video which is no longer on YouTube

Here is Jolie having her first cast removed. Again, this is a screen shot from a video that is no longer available on YouTube

My biggest disappointment is that there are three exquisite videos of Jolie's broken leg adventure that have been lost. One is of her in the ER and her trip home the day of the break. The second shows her having the temporary splint removed and her first cast put on. And the third shows the removal of the first cast. The videos were good quality and well edited. If anyone has copies of these, can you please provide a link?

Jolie has fully recovered from the leg injury. Once again, she is wrestling and winning matches at an all star pace. I would not be surprised to see out little caster show up in the Olympics one day.

And, just in case you had any thoughts about taking on Jolie in a challenge match, watch this video. Wrestling girls is no challenge for Jolie these days. She throws boys around like they are rag dolls.

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