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Kylie The Jellyfish

Here is Kylie. A complex 19 year old woman who uses social media to promote her brand. In 2015, Kylie - then a sophomore in high school -- broke both bones in her forearm doing a back flip. At the time, Kylie was a cheerleader and budding EMO girl. As you will see from some of the videos, Kylie has insecurity issues like most of us.

Kylie documented her broken arm journey completely on YouTube. The first video took some guts. It took place in the ER while Kylie was waiting to have a badly broken arm set.

In the ER video, Kylie wears her emotions on her sleeve. The shock, horror, pain, disbelief, hope, and fear drip openly from her mouth and body language.

After her arm is set and casted, Kylie disappeared from social media for a period of weeks. Initially, Kylie did not like being seen in the cast. She was a bit of a fashionista. And the cast did not match with her current style vision.

The night before her first cast was to be changed, Kylie posted a video of her experience in the first cast. She was coming out of her shell.

Kylie's cast was changed two weeks after the original injury. In the cast change video, you can see Kylie's insecurity and fear. Her mother is a trooper who convinces her daughter that everything will be alright.

Kylie warmed to the second cast. She produced a series of videos while in the second cast

documenting cast life.

I never thought I would say this. But the number and length of Kylie's videos made me feel I knew more about her injury and subsequent treatment than I wanted to know. Most images of broken arms and legs scream for us to know more about the story behind the image. After watching four of Kylie's broken arm videos, I was screaming no more information!

Surprisingly, there is no footage of the second cast being removed. It was replaced with a black short arm cast. Some pictures exist of the short arm cast but no video.

I find Kylie intriguing on several levels. First, she is a millennial and stories like her broken arm are told primarily through video. Photos are secondary to the video story. This is the future and I think many photo oriented social media platforms are doomed to extinction.

Second, this is a woman with diverse interests. In 19 short years, she has been a cheerleader, Goth girl, Emo girl, fashionista, barista, hair stylist, ukulele player, make-up artist, and quasi dominatrix.

And third, the woman is extremely popular. She has over 200,000 followers on her social media outlets. I normally take great care to protect the name of individuals whose images appear on this blog. But in Kylie's case, she wants everyone to know her name. You will see it at numerous points during the videos.

So, cheers to Kylie the Jellyfish and her broken arm adventure.

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