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Lara's Cast Adventure

Lara is a gorgeous 27 year old who lives in Britain. She is a secretary for a manufacturing concern but hoping to find a job that allows her to work from home.

In April of 2018, Lara slipped going down a wet grassy hill. She suffered a broken tibia and fibula. The break was unusual in that the tibia was broken near the ankle while her fibula was broken closer to the knee.

Lara knew the leg was broken immediately. Her foot was pointed to the side, the pain was horrific, and there was no chance she could place weight on the leg. Fortunately friends were with her. They loaded Lara into the backseat of a car and drove her to the nearest hospital facility.

In a case of incredibly bad decision making, Lara insisted she did not need medical attention once she arrived at the hospital. Alcohol, of course, was involved with the accident. She instructed her friends to drive her home. She would spend the night on the sofa and be fine the next morning.

Two hours after arriving home -- when sobriety began to creep into Lara's decision making process -- an ambulance and paramedics were summoned. With the poor woman laying on the sofa, they straightened Lara's leg and applied a splint. The straightening process was so painful, Lara later sold the sofa because she could not look at it without shaking in fear.

Once at the hospital, Lara's leg was X-Rayed and subjected to another horribly painful pull and twist session in the ER. Lara's leg was placed in a full leg splint for the night.

The next morning, Lara was whisked back to an operating theater where her tibia was re positioned and secured with a plate and screws. The fibula, a non weight bearing bone, was re positioned but not surgically secured.

Following surgery, Lara's leg was splinted and she spent a few days in the hospital post op.

Lara spent three weeks in the soft splint. She seemed to enjoy the attention she received while in the splint. She was confined to a wheelchair. Crutches were off limits until a hard cast was put on.

Lara has long and elegant toes. Her boyfriend insisted on painting them when she came home from the hospital. Lara indulged him but observed that he had a hard time 'colouring inside the lines.' Probably because his hands were shaking too bad from excitement.

After three weeks, Lara returned to the clinic to have her staples removed. She was then placed in a hard cast. Lara wanted a purple cast but they were out of stock. So her next choice was pink!

Because the fibula was broken high up in the leg, Lara was placed in a Patellar Tendon Bearing Cast. (PTB). This type of cast extends slightly above the knee and keeps the knee from flexing fully.

Now, at this point, I want to point out that Lara is a bit of a party girl. Her Facebook and Instagram feeds are filled with hundreds of party related posts.

While in the pink PTB cast, Lara and her boyfriend partied their way through the Netherlands, Greece, and France. Most people would have a hard time keeping up with Lara's party schedule with two good legs.

I think you get the idea. By the end of Lara's "let's party in a pink cast" tour of Europe, her cast was held together with a hospital version of duct tape.

The solution, of course, was a cast change. Cast number two was a purple model; Lara's favorite color. Once again. the cast was designed to reduce knee motion to allow the fibula break near the knee to heal properly.

By early July, Lara was able to begin partial weight bearing. A cast shoe was fitted to the bottom of the cast and the long weight bearing process began.

By September, the luscious Lara was cast free although still on crutches. She is shown here during her September holiday trip to Disney Paris. I wish Americans were able to take as many holidays as our friends in Europe.

I marvel at Lara's attitude throughout her recovery. Many people suffering an injury as severe as hers suffer from forms of depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Social media threads are filled with broken leg sufferer's who are addicted to pain medications and think of suicide daily.

Not Lara. Witness this humorous post shortly after her surgery:

I have communicated with Lara numerous times. She is one of my favorite casters. I think Lara is a bit of an exhibitionist. The cast and crutches were certainly a way for her to get attention. She ignored the struggles associated with a broken leg and focused on the art of teasing men with her cast. She knew many men had infatuations with helpless women in casts. And even more men were stricken with foot fetishes. Lara played this to the hilt.

Even after the cast is off, Lara loves to display her toes for all to see.

Quite the tease this girl. So here is to one of my favorite cast wearers of all time.

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