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Larissa's Bad Break

Larissa is an Australian soccer player. She is a 23 year old tattooed beauty. She is well known in her native country and was, until January 23 of this year, slated to play in the woman's world cup soccer championship.

On January 23, Larissa, who had recently signed to play for the Newcastle team, collided with an opposing player. In an amazing feat of photography, Larissa's injury was carefully documented.

By the time Larissa hit the ground, both the tibia and fibula in her lower leg were badly broken.

The striker-cum-defender knew instantly her leg was broken.

Larissa's x-ray shows a nasty break of the tibia and fibula.

"I felt everything and I knew straight away," Larissa said. "I heard it and I felt it and as soon as our physio came on I said, 'You need to get the ambulance here. You need to get me the green whistle. I've broken my leg'. Everyone around me knew too from the sound it made."

Her first thought was of France and the World Cup, which started for Australia on June 9.

"When the doctor, came on the field, the first question I asked him was, 'Is World Cup still in the question?' He just said, 'No. You're nine to 12 months',"Larissa said.

Larissa in obvious agony on the field after her injury. She is comforted by players of both teams

"That was obviously disappointing. Everything I worked towards for the last three years has been for the World Cup."

Larissa being taken off the field. She is no stranger to broken bones.

The next day she had surgery to stabilize the bones then had further operations after complications with compartment syndrome, which occurs when pressure within muscles builds.

"That's what really set me back a lot," Larissa said. 

Larissa's recovery was complicated by an onset of compartment syndrome.

"I was in hospital for two weeks with an open leg just waiting to get the swelling out. 

"The doctor said the break was so bad that the fluid and blood had nowhere else to go. I was pretty lucky they caught it when they did because they said I could've lost my leg."

Larissa up and walking one day after her surgery

Unfortunately for the cast community, Larissa was not placed in a cast. She progressed quickly to weight bearing and was boot free in a matter of weeks.

No time table has been set for Larissa's return to the soccer field. Six months after the injury, the handsome Olympic athlete has, however, progressed to wearing high heels.

Larissa cleans up well. Off the field she can be gorgeous and has a growing following on WikiFeet

Now, you may have noticed that Larissa has a thing for tattoos. Her body is covered with them. Here is Larissa explaining her fascination with ink.

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