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Lawyer Goddess Breaks a Leg

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Elle is a stunning corporate lawyer who lives in Southern California. Earlier this year, the gorgeous workout warrior suffered a stress fraction of her upper tibia from overuse. She came home from work one day and noticed that her upper leg was extremely painful. She began elevating and icing the leg. Notice the red mark on the poor woman's leg below from the ice bag.

Elle's first visit to the orthopedist resulted in crutches and a bulky leg brace which the woman hated with a passion.

After a few days of icing and elevating, Elle realized the injury was not improving

One week after Elle was put in the brace, she returned to the orthopedist for a follow-up check. X-rays revealed that the break had worsened. Elle was placed in a full leg black fiberglass cast.

Elle proudly displaying her first cast. The woman wisely wore lose fitting clothes to the casting session

After one night in the first cast, Elle began to experience extreme discomfort. The knee of the cast was too tight and Elle's knee was not on the proper position. So back to the orthopedist for a new cast.

The three weeks Elle was originally scheduled to be in the full leg cast turned into five. Elle seemed to handle life in the cast well.

Elle attended the University of California and, later, Chapman Law School. She is a corporate lawyer with a Health Care organization. If I didn't know, better, I might think Elle actually enjoyed being in the full leg cast.

Eventually, Elle was placed in a below the knee cast for a period of four weeks.

Showing off her cast to a theater crowd

Elle with her father. Both parents are good looking. I could sleep with either of both

Playful picture of Elle sitting on a pink bench

Elle loves her work. She spends a great deal of time writing contracts for sales deals. There is a huge white board in Elle's office. This plays a prominent role in the 33 year old woman's life.

Here is a brief montage of Elle's whiteboard through the era of Elle's casts.

Elle and her white board a few days before the start of her leg problems

Elle proudly displaying her long leg cast

In her final cast. The strange thing is, nothing appears to have changed on the white board in 9 weeks.

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