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Like Mother Like Daughter

I am not a big fan of kids in casts. But let's face it, kids are active social media users and far more pictures of kids in casts show up on the internet than of adults.

What intrigues me about kids in casts is the life long memory of the event. 11 year old Kayleigh, who is the subject of this blog, will become 21 year old Kayleigh and then 31 year old Kayleigh. And I am amazed at how the memory of a broken bone can be so in ingrained in the memory of the victim. I know dozens of men and women in their 50's who can recall every detail from the day they broke an arm or a leg as a child.

Kayleigh after her leg was set in the ER. Very unusual to have a cast applied these days in an ER. Usually a soft splint is applied in the ER and a hard cast is applied later in the OS office

Kayleigh, who is in 6th grade in a Sacramento, California middle school had and accident at a Parkour park last summer. She broke her tibia and fibula in the accident and was rushed to a hospital by ambulance.

Kayleigh after arrival at the hospital

Doctors decided to try conservative treatment of the fracture initially. Kayleigh was sedated and her leg was set manually. She was placed in a toe to thigh cast in the emergency room. Kayleigh's parents were warned that surgery may ultimately be needed to fixate the fracture.

Resting after returning home from the ER. Obviously in pain but handling things well. I love the watermelon slice drawing on the cast

Once home, Kayleigh seemed to manage life in the full leg cast. She had lots of visitors and accumulated drawings and signatures on her cast.

Two weeks after the accident, doctors decided that the bones had shifted out of alignment and surgery would be necessary. Kayleigh had the cast cut off her leg in a very painful fashion. She has been given pain killers but the staff did not wait a long enough time for them to take effect.

This picture mystifies me. Kayleigh was given a sedative. But the cast removal process before surgery was horrifically painful.

Surgery was performed. The nurses and doctors at the hospital had a great sense of humor. Even Kayleigh's teddy bear got a cast.

Fortunately, Kayleigh's recovery was normal. She progressed from a long leg cast to a smaller in a period of six weeks.

Today, Kayleigh has fully recovered from the injury. She is an active normal sixth grader.

One interesting tidbit though. Kayleigh's mom is an absolute goddess as Kayleigh will be one day. Mom, who was raised in Texas, broke her left leg when she was in sixth grade also. She was tossed by a horse and ended up in a full leg plaster cast for 12 weeks.

Kayleigh's mom broke her left leg when she was 12 years old. She has recovered well and enjoys showing off her fire engine red toes.

And so it ends. Mom and Kayleigh both have shared memories of broken legs in 6th grade. As the title of this blog indicates. - like mother, like daughter.

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