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Lynn Baucom Chapter Twelve - Annie Arrives

Chapter Twelve – Annie Arrives

Annie, the cast tech, made herself at home. She plopped into the chair next to Chippy, kicked off her worn sandals, and crossed a pair of perfectly manicured feet on my bed.

“Sorry about my attire.” The woman said. “It’s Saturday which is normally my day off. Dr. Reading called and I asked if I would come in for one case.”

Chippy’s eyes were fixated on Annie’s gorgeous feet. Her toes were long and slender. The nails were painted a rich, bright red. She wore a silver toe ring on the middle toe of each foot. I could tell the woman knew Chippy was infatuated with her feet.

“So, let’s hear the story.” She said to me with a smile. “I know you feel like shit right now. But tell me what happened yesterday and how you ended up in this hospital bed.”

So, I told my story for the first time. It started with Hannah Scott and the break and continued through the comfort team, ambulance ride, x-rays, la la land session, and waking up in the hospital room. It was a story I would tell a hundred times over the years.

Annie was a good listener and she asked intelligent questions – primarily about my emotional state and ability to handle pain.

Annie, feet still propped on my hospital bed, told us a bit about her background.

“I’m an orthopedic technician. I apply casts and help orthopedic doctors with procedures. I was born in Charlotte. Went to Queens College.

“Married?” I asked.

Annie paused before answering. “Nope.” She replied. “I play for the other team. I hope that doesn’t freak you out.”

It was my turn to pause. I was feeling a strange attraction to Annie. She was gorgeous, open, and honest. “Not at all.” I replied. “It’s 1972. Anything goes.”

“I’m a veteran bone breaker.” Annie said. “I was a tomboy as a kid and kick ass risk taker as a teen. Over thirty broken bones total including my left leg three times. I can sympathize with what you are going through.”

Annie turned to Chippy. She placed a hand on his thigh. “So, who is this handsome guy?”

I was sure Chippy’s erection was enormous He reddened.

“That is my boyfriend, Chippy.” I said proudly.

Annie smiled again. Her teeth were pearly white. “Nice to meet you Mr. Chippy. Not to be rude but I am going to have to ask you to leave for a few hours. That gorgeous girlfriend of yours and I have some work to do. She should be ready to go home by early afternoon.”

Chippy took the hint and left. On the way out, he pecked me on the cheek.

Annie showed no sign of proceeding with the application of my cast.

“Foot guy, huh?” Annie said.

“What?” I replied feigning surprise.

“You heard me.” Annie said wiggling her toes. “He wasn’t exactly subtle. If you weren’t in the room, he would have been sucking my toes.”

In spite of the pain, I almost laughed. “You have him pegged pretty well. Saturday night is toe painting night.”

“I thought that some night would be.” Annie stood. “OK. We need to get down to business. Dr. Reading wants you in a full leg cast. It will be toe to thigh. Probably for at least 10 weeks. Then you will get a walking heel on the bottom of the cast so you can start to bear weight. Have you been in a cast before?”

“My arm.” I answered. “But as a kid. Nothing as serious as this.”

Annie took the chart from the foot of my bed. She looked at it thoughtfully. “Well, your leg is probably sore as shit today. They have you on typical pain meds but I think you may need a little supplement to make this a reasonably enjoyable process.”

“Supplement?” I asked.

Annie did not reply. Instead, she pulled a small black bag from her pocket and extracted two pills. She handed them to me.

“No questions.” She said sternly. “Take them or I will make you spend another night in this hospital with horrible food.”

I gulped the pills which I suspected were Quaaludes with a small cup of water Annie handed me. Annie picked up the princess phone next to my bed and called the hospital transport group. We chit chatted for a few minutes until the orderly showed up with a wheelchair.

It took me a moment to register the purpose of the wheelchair. Since my arrival at the hospital the previous afternoon, this bed had been my residence. I had been wheeled from place to place in relative comfort.

“What’s that for?” I asked nodding to the wheelchair.

“This is your ride.” The black-haired orderly said positioning the chair next to my bed.

“My leg hurts.” I said recognizing fear in my own voice. “Can’t we just push the bed wherever we are going.”

Annie put her hands on her hips and frowned at me. “Are you going to push the bed home also?” She asked. “You’re leaving here under your own power in a couple of hours.”

Without warning the muscular orderly reached down and lifted me off the bed. Annie supported my broken leg. I was dropped into the wheelchair.

I screamed when I was dropped. My leg felt like someone hit it with a baseball bat. “MOTHER FUCKER!!” I yelled.

“Quiet!” Said Annie sternly. “You’re going to scare the other patients.”

“Fuck the other patients.” Tears were coming to my eyes from the pain.

Annie gave me that stern look again. “Your chart says you are Southern Baptist. You aren’t supposed to cuss, are you?”

“My parents are Southern Baptist.” I said. “I’m just a pissed off girl with a frigging broken leg that hurts like shit.”

Annie gave me a funny look. She reached into her pocket and pulled out another pill. She placed it in my mouth. I swallowed greedily.

“That will take the edge off. I may give you another one when we get to the cast room if the potty language has stopped.”

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