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Made In The Netherlands

Updated: May 5, 2019

A playful Hellen displays her favorite tattoo

During a typical week, I will have 1,000 visitors to this blog site. About 60% of my visitors are from the United States. The balance come primarily from Europe.

I have been fortunate enough to have spent a great deal of time in Europe. I marvel at the diversity in language and culture. The centuries of history compared to the 250 year immaturity of the US social, cultural, and political systems.

The main character in this blog is Hellen is a proud resident of Europe - more specifically - the Netherlands.

I have very fond memories of my travels to the Netherlands. What intelligent, sophisticated, and kind people. The Rijksmuseum is home to some of the finest paintings in the world. Amsterdam has some of the finest and most diverse cuisine in the world. The Dutch had the good sense to legalize certain drugs that I consider essential to human life before the rest of the world. And the good residents of Amsterdam also sensibly legalized and made safe the oldest profession in the world - prostitution.

By the way, I once had sex in three countries in one day while in the Netherlands. My nymphomaniac tryst started in Amsterdam, made a stop in Brussels, and I ended the day in Paris. Both men and women were involved - as were a bit of drugs and alcohol.

But enough about me. Let's talk about poor Hellen.

Hellen is a college student in search of her life path. Like most 27 year olds, she is confused about her career, sexuality, and contribution to the world.

Hellen is a 27 year old student in Rotterdam. She works part time as a 3D game developer. She is single, bisexual, and her passion in life is Rugby.

At least is was until she broke her leg in January. The break was not serious - at least not by the standards of this blog. Hellen broke her fibula just above the ankle. The break was minimally displaced and required no surgery.

Hellen is a apparently a beast of a Rugby player. She played in a men's league for years. Unfortunately, the woman breaks her leg making this tackle

A friend drove Hellen to the hospital after the game. She was placed in a short leg cast for a period of six weeks. The good news was that Hellen's team won the game AND Hellen was named player of the game.

Hellen spent the majority of her recovery time in bed wearing a hoodie.

Team members were so proud of Hellen's accomplishments, they signed a team Jersey for Hellen.

Hellen's teammates are a creative group. If you look closely, you can see one teammate drew a picture of a broken leg with the work 'KRAK' next to it

After six weeks, Hellen's cast was removed and she began physical therapy.

Hellen had extensive bruising and swelling after the cast was removed. Caroline is Hellen's former lover

Hellen is on the road to recovery and a return to Rugby. While, Hellen's broken leg is interesting, the real story here is Helen's allegiance to God and country. Just days before breaking her leg, Hellen endured an incredibly painful tattoo session. She was quite impressed with the results.

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