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This Blog is not about me. It is about my friend Alexandra and her unique website

I was a professional dominatrix for three years. I had just graduated from college and the job market was tight. I was in my 20's.

I had a friend at the time named Rob. Rob came from a wealthy family. One night, Rob and I were in my apartment. We had dropped acid that afternoon and were now at the height of our tripping experience. Grace Slick was blaring from the stereo. I was wearing worn leather sandals, jeans, and a tee. Out of nowhere, Rob asked if he could suck my toes. Now those of you who have read my stories, know that I adore having my toes sucked and I have done my fair share of toe sucking as well - of both the male and female variety.

Being the smart girl that I am, I decided to employ the old sales technique of 'quid pro quo'. Rob was welcome to suck my toes. But in return, Rob would pay me the $20 I needed to buy groceries for the week. We were both happy by the end of the night.

Rob had other friends with different fetishes. Within six months, I was making a very good living helping Rob and his friends live out their fantasies. One liked me to dress as a slutty nurse and force him to masturbate while restrained in a hospital bed. One loved me to dress as a naughty school girl. He was the head master of the school and would lightly paddle my bare ass for being naughty.

Some of the scenes were complex requiring me to employ the services of friends to make the client's fantasy play out. The scenes were always consensual and there were strict limits on what I would and would not do in a scene.

Over the course of three years, I amassed a huge collection of outfits and sex toys. At one point, I had 25 paying clients and a handful of others who paid in kind with drugs or other incidentals I needed to make it through life. I also amassed enough money to pay for law school. More on that another time.

Now fast forward by a couple of decades and meet my friend Alexandra. Alexandra is from Germany. She too is in the business of making dreams come true. She is by no means a dominatrix and by no means would I imply that sex is part of her world of dream making.

Alexandra runs a very successful business fulfilling cast and foot related fantasies. You have probably seen her website Alexandra Footage and some of her teaser videos on YouTube.

Here is how Alexandra described herself to me when I first contacted her about participating in a Blog on this site.

"I see myself less as an erotic actor or erotic service provider, but rather as an artist. Since the term artist may have an arrogant aftertaste, I will try to explain what my art consists of. I think it's a mixture of empathy, creativity and a great curiosity and openness for unusual preferences.

I myself have neither a cast fetish nor any other preference that could be called a fetish. But since I know some people who do, I know that sometimes it can be hard to satisfy them. That's how the idea of creating a project was born that makes it possible to transform fetishes or preferences, or better to say fantasies associated with them, into moving pictures."

Nearly all of the videos on Alexandra's site were funded by clients. She then shares the videos with the cast community at large for a modest fee.

I talked with Alexandra recently about her process for producing her videos. She took me through the process she used to produce a recent video; Bad Conscious. You can find this video at Alexandra's website.

She was approached by a client who had an idea for a movie and who was willing to pay to have it filmed. The client wanted a movie that included foot fetish, stocking, and cast themes in the production. After communication via email, Alexandra managed to flush out the movie plot.

A young couple are planning (reluctantly) to have dinner at her parent's house. She trips over a pile of clothing that her boyfriend leaves in the hallway. During a hospital visit she is diagnosed with a broken ankle and injured knee. She is placed in a full leg cast. At home that night, she realizes that her pink cast will be unacceptable at her sister's wedding the following week. After a session of toe massaging, the boyfriend covers her cast with a stocking.

The finished video is a little over 30 minutes long. Alexandra charges 18 Euros to purchase the video; a pretty good deal for a high quality production. The audio is in German but English subtitles are available.

During my conversations with Alexandra, I learned some secrets about her and her production process:

  • Alexandra is heterosexual and married;

  • She uses friends to serve as actors is her videos. The actor who played her boyfriend in the Bad Conscious video did not have any interest in casts or feet. Pretty good actor!

  • The filming of the Bad Conscious interior apartment scenes took place in a friend's apartment. The hospital scenes were filmed in Alexandra's apartment;

  • As you know, Alexandra has gorgeous feet. She does her nails herself;

  • Alexandra uses a freelancer to do the subtitles for her videos. Alexandra says her freelancer is 'curious' about the topic of Alexandra videos. Hopefully, we will see the freelancer in an upcoming video.

Many of you know that I am not into recreational casting. Seeing pictures of men or women in non-medical casts typically does nothing for me.

However, Alexandra's films are not recreational casting. They are what I would call fantasy casting. She presents a story with all of the pain, shock, suffering, hope, and joy that would be found in a real life injury and casting incident. I do the same thing when I craft a chapter in one of my stories. It can take weeks to produce one chapter in a story. And Alexandra spends the same amount of time producing her visual fantasies. Hopefully the final fantasy vision we create is worth the time and effort.

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