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Mara - How a Broken Leg Can Lead To PTSD

This blog is about 19-year-old Mara.

When Mara was 14, she was hit by a car. The injury broke her femur and she spent several days in the hospital. Surgery was avoided but Mara ended up in a full leg cast for 12 weeks.

Mara has been quite active in theater. She loves Cosplay and loves to act. She was active on YouTube while she was in the cast. She posted a series of videos of her recovery from the injury.

Mara is no stranger to orthopedics. She has scoliosis of the spine. She spent time in a brace as a pre-teen. As she aged, the spine began to straighten. No surgical intervention will be required for her disease.

While appearing happy during her recovery from the broken leg, the trauma of the injury caused Mara to develop PTSD. She is now on medications for depression.

Mara started college this year. She is studying Forensic Psychology and Castleton University in Vermont. She now appears happy and content with her life. Witness a new boyfriend she added to her life last month.

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