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Megan Jumps Off A Roof

Megan is a 19 year old woman who lives in Colorado. She is a free spirit and an artist. She lives with her parents and seems quite content to hone her artistic skills while following heavy metal bands. She is also heavily into cosplay.

Megan admiring her cast in one of her three cast videos

About five years ago, Megan made the brilliant decision to jump off of the roof of her best friend. Her brother jumped first. He landed in one piece. Megan followed and manged to break her tibia and fibula in her ankle. She did not know the ankle was broken immediately. Her mother made her walk on the ankle for a day before taking the 14 year old Megan to an emergency room.

The breaks were nominally displaced and no surgery was required. Megan was placed in a short leg cast and heeled in 6 weeks.

Megan is a veteran video Vlogger and posted three videos of her recovery from the injury. The videos are a bit random and illustrate that the 14 year old brain is not fully baked. I mean who in their right mind would jump off a roof on a dare?

One interesting take aways from the videos is that Megan had always wanted a cast. She broke an elbow years earlier but that injury did not warrant a cast.

Megan made it clear in the videos that breaking her leg and earning the right to wear a cast was a highlight of her young life.

Very few patients are so happy to be placed in a cast

Megan is a harmless free spirit who is exploring her artistic side and enjoys traveling with her parents. Free spirits like Megan seem to be attracted to the hippy culture which flourished in the 60's and 70's.

Megan went nuts when she found this vintage VW bus while traveling with her parents in Key West

Another illustration of Megan's free spirit. Taken a couple of years after she broke her leg

In my opinion, the world needs more Megan's on many levels.

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