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Monika Breaks a Leg While Leading a Virtual Exercise Class

Monika is a resident of England. She is a fitness nut. She eats well and teaches aerobics and weight training fitness classes.

Monika before breaking her leg. She was a kick ass fitness instructor

In early June, Monika had a little accident. Monika was leading a virtual fitness class using Zoom. She came down on her leg awkwardly and then collapsed screaming in front of a dozen or so shocked students.

"It sounded like dry leaves crunching. It was sickening." She said

Monika's partner, a nubile, 4'10" tall pan-sexual had, fortunately, received training in first aide. She ended the Zoom call with apologies to all participants and began icing poor Monika's leg.

Monika in pain on the floor of her home. This was certainly a memorable virtual fitness class for the participants

An ambulance was summoned. Monika's leg was properly splinted and she was carted off to the local hospital.

Monika's x-ray revealed an impressive spiral fracture of the tibia

At the hospital, Monika's tibia was clearly broken although not badly displaced.

"The leg had been painful for a week before the actual break. The doctor suspected I had a hairline fracture that snapped when I put too much pressure on my tibia. I may need surgery if the fracture worsens."

Monika's leg was straightened a bit and she was placed in a full leg splint in the emergency ward.

"I didn't know anything could be that painful." Monika later said of the splinting process. "They offered pain killers and I refused. I will never make that mistake again."

Monika was released from the hospital and spent four days in the splint. She then visited a fracture clinic and was placed in a stylish orange toe to thigh cast. Fortunately, surgery would not be required.

Monika spent four weeks in the orange cast. She seemed to enjoy the challenges of cast life and the ability of her nubile partner to find creative ways to have sex with the cast on.

Monika's leg was placed in a dark blue cast in early July. The was below the knee and allowed Monika more freedom.

As Monika's leg continued to atrophy, the cast became lose and began bothering Monika's heel. The dark blue cast was replaced with a light blue version in early August.

Monika's final cast. A light blue. Note that Monika's partner finally painted Monika's nails.

Yesterday, Monika had her cast removed. She was told she would require no boot and could ditch the crutches and begin weight bearing when comfortable doing so.

Monika's left leg now cast free. Note the scar on her left knee. Four years ago she tore and ACL and required surgery

Monika is planning a return to remote teaching as soon as her leg gets stronger. She and her partner have a wedding planned for later this year.

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