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Morgan Breaks Her Foot

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

On January 23, 2010, Morgan broke her foot. It was her 14th birthday.

Morgan was an active child. She played competitive softball. And was, according to her mother, a veteran bone breaker.

The birthday injury occurred when Morgan decided to skip a few stairs on the way to the basement recreation room. She took a big jump from a top step to a concrete floor. Because broken bones were a yearly occurrence for Morgan, mom and daughter bypassed the ER and went directly to the orthopedic office.

Morgan, the birthday girl, in the waiting room of the doctor's office

Morgan ended up in her orthopedic surgeon's office where the birthday girl was placed in a short leg cast. Mom made sure to video all parts of the cast application process.

Although Morgan had broken her foot, the day ended on a happy note. Morgan was served her favorite dinner of hot dogs and was treated to a 14 candle studded birthday cake.

Morgan at the doctor's office while mom is checking out. She is letting her friends know of her new green cast

Because Morgan had been on crutches so many times, her mother bought a new set of crutches on the way home from the doctor's office. Happy Birthday Morgan!

Birthday dinner. Nothing like a chili dog to heal broken bones

And finally the birthday day for the birthday girl

Morgan lived on a farm in West Virginia. The farm sported lots of farm animals and required that all members of Morgan's family perform daily chores.

According to Morgan's mother, The worst time to jump off the stairs and break your foot in the country is the winter. Two months of hiking up and down the driveway on snow and ice and mud on crutches is a hard lesson in using all the stairs, one at a time, instead of jumping over six of them to hit a concrete floor.

Morgan's recovery from the injury was normal. Eight weeks after the break, Morgan returned to the doctor's office to have the cast removed.

What really prompted me to write a blog about Morgan was the way she reacted after the cast was removed. According to her mother, Morgan was completely fascinated with her newfound foot sans cast. She was downright infatuated with it. It was examined from every conceivable angle.

Morgan hugging the doctor after being told she could return to softball practice

Morgan leaving the doctor's office wearing two shoes

Today, Morgan is in her early 20's. She still breaks bones on a regular basis. She is a Ph. D. candidate at West Virginia University. She teaches classes in western civilization and is a strong advocate for woman's rights.

Morgan today. She is studying to receive her doctorate in medieval history. She is a woman's rights advocate and bisexual.

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