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Music Teacher Breaks When Piano Attacks Her

Wow. This is a strange blog post.

Mindy is a 35 year old mother of 3 who lives in New York State. She is a professional musician. She plays the flute, piano, guitar, and a number of other instruments.

Gorgeous Mindy. Mother of Three. Picture taken last week

Mindy teaches music in an elementary school. In January of this year, Mindy was teaching a 5th grade class when the piano she was playing collapsed trapping the poor woman's leg. Fortunately, teaching staff and some of the 5th grade students came to Mindy's aide and the piano was lifted from Mindy's leg and an ambulance was summoned.

At the hospital, Mindy's leg was x-rayed and it was determined she suffered a broken tibia and fibula. Surgery would be required. Mindy was sent home in a boot and surgery was scheduled for the following week.

Mindy's leg the day after the accident. This is what happens when a 700 pound piano lands on your leg

Mindy's surgery was successful and she was sent home in a splint. Ten days later, her splint was replaced with a hard cast.

Mindy icing her leg post surgery

Now a background fact about Mindy. The woman was absolutely thrilled to placed in a cast. Her sister, 2 years older than Mindy, had broken her leg in 7th grade. She was placed in a full leg cast and received constant attention from parents. teachers, and classmates.

Mindy on her way home from the orthopedic clinic after getting her cast

Mindy was so jealous of her sister that she tried several times to break her own ankle. She was unsuccessful and managed only to sprain her ankle badly when jumping out of a tree.

How nice are those toes? Mindy's husband is her nail technician. More on that later

While in the cast, Mindy posted dozens of pictures of her cast on her social media sites.

Mindy - not shy about showing her toes and wearing colorful leggings

Winter in New York can be rough. Mindy posted this picture on her social media sites. A follower asked why she didn't cover her toes with a sock to keep them warm. She replied she liked to show off her toes to anyone who would look at them

Mindy a week before cast removal. The cast is worn but she is still proud of her toes

Mindy on the way to have her cast removed

After six weeks, Mindy's cast was removed and the woman was placed in a walking boot.

Does this pose look familiar? Mindy now in her boot loves taking pictures of her feet. In this picture, she is on the way to be released from her boot. Note the shoe on her dashboard

Now, if you haven't figured this out already, Mindy is absolutely obsessed with her feet. They are of course gorgeous and no one can fault her for wanting to show them off. The cast was the perfect vehicle for displaying her toes.

However, Mindy's social media foot display seemed to accelerate after spending time in the cast. Witness the following post cast posts in the last three months.

Now, another little background point about Mindy. In her social media posts, she makes references to her love of having her toes sucked by her husband, using handcuffs as part of bed play, and an S&M practice know as 'Pegging'.

What would you have given to have Mindy be your 5th grade music teacher?

Mindy's husband painting her toes

In conclusion, Mindy does have a sense of humor. Here is a cartoon she published on one of her social media sites.

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