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No One Deserves This

In the last year, I have posted almost 100 blog updates. 95% of the people featured in this blog earned their casts. They suffered extreme pain, suffering, horror, shock, and disbelief to earn the right to wear a cast.

They also share a common trait. They deserve what they got by doing incredibly stupid things.

Let me take you back in time a bit. There was Vanity Smash who hadn't skated in 15 years and decided it was a good idea to join a roller derby team.

Or Tavia who thought bull riding was a great way to make a living.

Oh, and let's not forget little Kayla who, after breaking her wrist in a motorcycle accident a year earlier, decided it was a good idea to borrow a friend's massive chopper and do a face plant going 60 miles an hour.

While I admire these women for their bravery and lack of fear -- each of them deserved what happened to them.

Not so with poor Gela. This German fitness model and athlete was an icon of health, upbeat spirit and good looks before she took a trip to Iceland to do a photo shoot for a magazine.

Gela in a happy mood on the morning of her accident

Gela moments before she plummeted 800 meters down a slope. The men in the picture became her recurers

What happened next was incomprehensible. Through no fault of her own, Gela lost her footing and plummeted 800 meters down an icy slope. She broke numerous bones and tore multiple tendons and ligaments.

Gela being treated by the rescue team at the bottom of the slope

In her own words, "The slope is icy here, as it was the rise on the south side. I had taken my skis off and my ski boot has no grip at all in the concrete-hard snow. In no time at all, I slide down the 40-degree steep slope. I hoped I would come soon a shallower place or a rock on which I can stop my legs. But nothing. Then comes the longed for rock but I do not have a hint of a chance to stick to it. On the contrary, my body loses balance and I start to flip over and feel my right knee break on impact. The lower leg flies towards my face as if it were no longer firmly connected to my body. Panic attacks me as I continue to shoot downhill over snow, ice and rock. My right knee is moving uncontrollably again and hits my left shoulder with full force. I realize that my shoulder too is now broken. In one fell swoop, I realize: This is not a fucking nightmare from which I'll wake up from right away."

Gela in the helicopter being transported to a local hospital

Let's pause here for a second and think about Gela's memories of the fall. Can you imagine the damage that was done to the poor woman's knee to allow her lower leg to fly toward her face as if it were no longer firmly connected to her body? Jesus! Anyway, Gela ended up with a destroyed knees, a right leg broken in numerous places, and a broken wrist and shoulder.

Gela wakening from her initial surgery.

Gela a day or so after the fall

There was extreme concern that her right leg might need to be amputated due to circulation issues. Fortunately, the quick medical response and immediate 9 hour surgery saved the woman's leg.

Gela spent months in the hospital following her accident.

Her friend described her recovery. "She has a lot behind her. Nine hours emergency surgery. The doctors spoke of a miracle. Because they could save their right leg. And because Gela is not bleeding internally. For half a year she was hospitalized in clinics after the crash. And found a way to fight back for himself. There is hardly a photograph from this period in which she does not show her rousing smile. Chained to the bed with broken bones: she smiles. In a wheelchair: she is smiling. Later in bikini and legged legs: a summer smile. The support of friends and family gave her strength. Every day she struggled for progress, training hard. Tears came often in the evening. They were tears, who helped her with the processing. She can never be pulled down. "I then looked at happy photos and motivated myself again."

Gela. Strong will. On the road to recovery

So my question is 'Why'. How can this horrible accident happen to this happen to an innocent woman? She was not doing anything stupid. She was not riding a bull or participating in roller derby. She was participating in a photo shoot.

Gela 11 months after the accident. What a resilient spirit. If I had fallen down that slope, I would probably still be in a hospital bed

Of the 7.5 billion people living today in our world, 85% belong to an organized religion. I am having a life crisis. I am trying to rationalize a belief in an omnipotent deity with this type of accident. Or with famine in Africa. Or with wars and plague and plane crashes and suicides that we see and read about every day.

There is a piece of me that thinks I would do things differently if I were the omnipotent deity.

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