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One Tough Cookie

Sally F. wins the 'Tough Cookie' award for setting her badly broken arm in the back of her mother's car

Meet Sallie F. Sallie is a life long Pennsylvania resident who had the misfortune of breaking her arm in a high school field hockey game. The break was a nasty one. Both bones snapped at mid forearm and the arm was grossly deformed. There was some talk of calling an ambulance but Sally insisted she was OK traveling by car to the local hospital.

The team trainer loosely splinted the arm using wooden boards and cloth and cautioned Sally to the arm pressed against her body to prevent the bones ends from piercing her skin.

The game was stopped briefly and Sally was escorted by her team to her mother's waiting car. The crowd cheered as Sally climbed into the back seat. She was ordered to lay down by the team trainer and reminded to keep the arm pressed firmly against her body.

Sally's mother was in tears as they began the 20 minute journey to the hospital.

Sally apparently does not follow orders well. Sally removed the loose splint from her arm and decided to set the arm herself. Using her good left hand, Sally grasped her right hand and pulled until the bones can into reasonable alignment.

Sally on the left a few years ago. Sally is now the mother of two children and works as a bookkeeper at a small firm. Looks like the arm healed well.

I spoke with Sally several years ago. She said the pain was so intense when she pulled she almost lost consciousness.

As if pulling on the arm wasn't brave enough, Sally then used the eraser end of a pencil she found on the floor of the car to push the still overriding bone ends of her ulna and radius into almost perfect alignment.

At the hospital, staff was expecting to receiving an incoming patient with a badly disfigured arm. Instead, they received a smiling, splintless Sally. X-rays revealed two perfectly aligned breaks. Sally was placed in a full arm plaster cast and returned to school before the field hockey gamed ended.

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