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Oriental Motorcycle Babe

Jessica is a 30 something business woman who lives about 3 miles from me in Charlotte, NC. She is a business analysts with Bank Of America.

An avid motorcyclist who had been riding for years, Jessica did a face plant while on ride several years ago. Fortunately, Jessica's friends managed to get her and her motorcycle into the back of a pick-up truck and whisked her off to Carolina's Medical Center in Charlotte.

There, Jessica's outer wear and boots were removed and the fun loving Jessica enjoyed the treatment she received for her first broken bone.

X-Rays revealed a hairline fracture of the tibia. Jessica was placed in a splint at the ER and send home.

Three days later, Jessica went to an orthopedic specialist to get her permanent cast. Jessica smartly wore lose fitting sweat pants for her follow-up appointment. Not so sure the shirt is lose fitting. Looks like Jessica, who is single, was man hunting. The shirt says "Everyone loves and Asian girl."

During, her recovery, I saw Jessica several times at restaurants and bars in the South Park area of Charlotte. She was always surrounded by an entourage of eager looking young men. Wonder why?

I never photographed Jessica. Not my style. Anyway, she posted enough pictures of herself on her web site to fill a photo album.

After five weeks, her long leg cast replaced with a sportier pink below the knee model. By the way, for those of you currently googling www.antirider.com, the site is not in existence. I believe it was a motorcycle blog run by Jessica supporting the outlawing of riders on motorcycles. But my knowledge of motorcycles and motorcycle culture is almost non-existent.

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