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Pregnant and Broken

Tiffany is a 40 something mother of three who lives in in a suburb of Houston. She studied animal science at Texas A&M University where she competed on the equestrian team.

While 8 months pregnant with her first child, who is now a freshman in college, Tiffany broke her leg. While answering the doorbell, Tiffany stepped on one of her own shoes that had been left by the door. She fractured both bones in her lower leg.

Because of her condition, surgery was avoided. Tiffany's leg was set while under a block. The pain during the setting process was 10 times worse than the childbirth she would endure three short weeks later.

Tiffany progressed through a series of full leg casts. A deeply religious woman, Tiffany viewed the broken leg as a challenge that God had blessed her with. Not sure I buy that one. But Tiffany handled her situation with a humor and determination that few women could pull off.

After 8 weeks, the full leg casts were replaced with a stylish walking boot.

Seventeen years later, Tiffany is an an active entrepreneur. She runs a lifestyle blogging business from her home. Her son, shown in the picture above, attends a small, Christian college in Texas. Tiffany is one of the few women who have truly become more beautiful as she has aged. Her upbeat personality, passion for exercise, and careful food habits combined to create a knock out 40 something.

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