Pretty Farm Babe Breaks a Leg

Erika lives in rural Ohio. She's a farm girl. Erika is a life long member of the 4 H Club - a US based organization that promotes agricultural and environmental skills in children.

Current day Erika. Doesn't look like a farm girl does she?

Erika's passion is farm animals. As a kid, she spent her free time caring for the family horse's, cows, and sheep. She would take them to local competitions and state fairs. Apparently, at these events, animals win prizes for their appearance and behavior.

Not my thing - but a lot of things aren't.

And for those of you with dirty minds, we are not exploring Erika's sexual preferences in this blog. I do know she is currently 22 years old, pregnant, and in a relationship.

While in high school, Erika broke her leg in a softball game. An opposing player did a slide tackle and Erika's tibia snapped in half.

Erika's broken leg on the soccer field. Good thing the medics drew an 'X' on her injured foot. Never would have known it was broken

Erika's X-ray. Nasty looking tibia fracture.

All and all, farm girl Erika handled things like a trooper on the field and in the ambulance. She quipped to the medic in the ambulance on the way to the hospital that she didn't even like soccer.

At the emergency room, things turned south a little bit. The ER was crowded on a Saturday afternoon and Erika was forced to wait for an hour in a corridor outside the occupied examining rooms. At this point, Erika had received no pain killers and her discomfort was increasing by the minute.

Erika's Back Slab Cast

A young intern, sensing her discomfort decided to make Erika more comfortable by straightening her leg. If anyone in the hospital was napping at that moment, they were soon awake. Erika's screams could be heard outside the hospital. To make matters worse, the pain seemed to intensify after the little pull and twist session in the corridor.

Erika's cute toes extending from her back slab

Finally, an examining room became available. Erika was heavily sedated and the shattered bone ends were brought into reasonable approximation. Erika was placed in a toe to thigh back slab cast and told surgery would be required to set the leg properly.

Erika's back slab was soon covered with autographs and drawings

Erika in a wheelchair holding her nephew

Erika's surgery was scheduled for two weeks after the accident. She returned to the hospital and a rod and three screws were placed in her leg. She was placed in a temporary splint

Erika's soft splint after surgery was performed

At home after surgery, Erika exposing her now painted toes

Within two weeks, Erica's stitches were removed from her knee and ankle and she was placed in a walking boot. She was encouraged to place as much weight on the leg as she could manage.

On the way home from her follow up visit with her surgeon. Now sporting a walking boot

Erika proudly showing off her walking boot to friends on social media

This should be the end of Erika's story, but her recovery was not picture perfect. A couple months after her surgery, Erika began experiencing swelling and discomfort in her ankle.

Erika's swollen ankle 2 months after surgery. Kick ass moccasin!

The rod had been inserted through her knee and was held in place by two screws in the ankle and one just below the knee. The surgeon decided the hardware should be removed and there was little risk of re-fracture.

Erika's screws removed four months after her injury

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