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Rina and the Kingdom of Zelda

In late 2008, 13 year old Rina was crossing a street in her home town of Red Deer, Canada. A car made a quick turn in the intersection and Rina suffered a badly broken leg. The driver of the car was a school teacher who was horribly shaken up by the accident. An ambulance transported Rina to Red Deer Regional Hospital.

This was Marina's first cast. In the mirror, you can see Rina's friend Sky taking the picture

Rina's parents made the decision to treat Rina's injury in conservative manner. Under conscious sedation, Rina's tibia and fibula were re-aligned, the girl was placed in a soft splint, and she spent two weeks in the hospital confined 100% of the time to her hospital bed.

Marina and her friend Sky are quite artistic. They spent hours decorating Rina's first cast

Rina was sent home in a full leg cast. She wore the same cast for five months. A rubber walking heel was placed on the sole of her cast a month or so prior to the cast removal.

Here you can see the green rubber walking heel on the bottom of Rina's cast. The red drawing on the cast has something to do with a Vampire's Smile in the Zelda game

Marina is obviously not into nail care. Given her friend Sky's artistic bent, I am amazed Rina's nails aren't decorated

Rina's friend, Sky, openly admitted she was fascinated with Rina's leg cast. She loved the idea of being confined in something like a cast. And her artistic side saw the cast as a form of expression.

This is a recent picture of latent caster Sky. She is now 23 and the mother of a 2 year old boy

Skylar's infatuation with Rina's cast transcended fantasy. In the picture below, Sky rubs her leg against her best friend's casted leg.

And yes, if you haven't guessed by now, Rina and Sky are lesbians. At the age of 13, they were flirting. By the age of 16, the two women were sleeping with each other. I suppose there is not much else to do in Red Deer, Canada.

Sky (on the left) seems to have a pretty tight grip on her best friend. Sky ad Rina would begin sleeping together 3 years later.

After 5 months in the full leg cast, Rina was finally placed in a smaller PTB cast.

The unusual elliptical white and black drawing on the side if Rina's cast was Rina's father's attempt to depict what the poor woman's leg looked like under the cast. I find this a bit macabre. Assuming you removed the cast and ripped poor Rina's skin open, this budding artist depicts what his daughter's tibia might look like.

The cast was decorated by Sky and Rina with dozens of the Legend of Zelda pictures and symbols. Both girls were huge into Zelda and into Cosplay.

Rina's loyal friend Sky stands ready with the pen

Rina introduced Sky to Cosplay. Both girls were huge in the Zelda fantasy world.

Even a full leg cast doesn't deter Rina from fantasy Cosplay

Notice that Rina's casted foot is now covered with a sock. I wonder what lucky guy got to put the sock on?

A few years later. Rina and Sky are still loving Zelda Cosplay. Rina is top right and Sky s bottom right.

In a good news/bad news scenario, Rina's leg did not heal properly. The upper and lower bone ends of her tibia are off center. And the fibula is not re-united 10 years after injury. The good news is Rina has no problems with the leg and plans no further treatment.

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