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Roller Derby Queen Collects Broken Bones!

Megan is a complex roller derby skater. She joined her local derby team 10 years ago. In that time, the woman who doubles a librarian during the day and a clown on weekends has broken a dozen bones. The list of broken bones include her left leg twice, right arm twice, left arm three times, a collarbone, and assorted fingers. Megan is so proud of her broken bone collection, she subtitles her social media names with the tag line 'I collect broken bones'

Megan who lives in Canada is quite artistic. She buys clothes on the cheap but has amazing fashion sense. Note her collection of dresses purchased for less than $5 at thrift stores. I assume the $5 does not include the kick ass shoes she sports.

In February of this year, Megan took a little tumble trying to land an Apex jump during a practice. For those of you not familiar with the sport of roller derby, an Apex jump is similar to the long jump in track and field. Except you are wearing skates with 8 wheels on the bottom of each and jumping over typically fat, overweight, and aggressive women.

Megan the night she broke her leg

Megan's attempted Apex jump did not end well. Megan broke her tibia and fibula near the ankle and suffered a grotesque looking dislocation. Fortunately, one of her team mates was an orthopedic surgeon. The Skater doc, quickly got Megan's skate and sock off, gave Megan a used leather glove to bite on, and reduced Megan's dislocated ankle on the spot. It was a memorable night for all in attendance. Megan's screams were so loud she somehow managed to set off the overhead fire sprinklers in a portion of the small arena. In a video she later produced, Megan remembers nothing of these events.

Megan has a deep artistic streak. Libraians by their nature love books and literature. Megan paints and draws. She loves color and has a unique fashion sense

A slightly damp Megan arrived at the hospital via ambulance 30 minutes later. She was hospitalized overnight.

Megan's surgery was performed the following morning. After a week in a soft splint, she was placed in a short leg cast which she took great pride in decorating. Six weeks later she was placed in a walking boot.

Megan continued to pursue her clown career while in the cast and on crutches. I personally am not a fan of clowns. I had a bad experience with one when I had my tonsils out at the age of 8. A visiting clown was making the rounds of the pediatric floor cheering all the hospitalized children up. I had been napping and woke up to find this six foot tall cross between Bozo the Clown and Pennywise standing in front of me. As I drifted back to consciousness, a balloon the clown was carrying popped. My screams would have given Megan a run for her money when she set off the sprinkler system at the arena.

Megan was cast and boot free well before her favorite holiday of the year - Halloween

Unfortunately, Megan's injury forced her into retirement from Roller Derby. She still is part of the roller derby community serving as both a coach as well as a referee. But no more Apex jumps for Megan.

Megan was kind enough to produce a video while she was recovering from her injury.

For those of you curious about Megan's sexuality, she is heterosexual. She is married and has two young kids.

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