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Sara Faircloth Got Me To Write A Book

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

I wrote a book in 2009 called 'Rick's Lucky Break'. It is about a young lawyer who has the misfortune of breaking his leg in an auto accident. His leg is set and placed in a full leg cast for 10 weeks. During the 10 weeks, Rick encounters dozens of sex crazed women of all ages who are cast lovers, bisexual, and nymphomaniac. Every man's dream!

You can read the story here:

Link to Rick's Lucky Break

The inspiration for the story came from a friend of mine named Sara Faircloth. Sara was raised in Asheville, NC and moved to Charlotte when she was in her early 30's. I met Sarah when I attended one of her Yoshi Yoga classes in the 2007 time frame.

Sarah was married to a banker named Rick Masters who was five years older than Sarah. Rick was a handsome guy and very successful businessman. Sarah and Rick lived in a very upscale part of Charlotte.

Although on the surface we had little in common, Sarah and I became close friends. In reality, Sarah and I had a great deal in common. Witness the following:

  • Both Sarah and I were bisexual. Who would have guessed that the gorgeous Sarah began sleeping with women during her college days at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. I started my bisexual adventures in middle school. More on that in a later blog

  • Sarah and I both had dominant personalities. The first time we slept together, Sarah insisted on tying me up with soft leather straps and dripping hot candle wax on my nipples. I found the whole scene erotic as hell since this was the first time I had submitted to a woman. After a few nights together, she recounted the things she did to her alpha banker hubby in bed. These dominant acts included needle play on his cock and balls, use of a dildo on his ass, and forced foot worship. My the things they teach you at UNC Chapel Hill.

  • Sarah and I had a love of casts. Sarah's husband, Rick, broke his leg a year after Sarah and began sleeping together. He and Sarah were skiing in Colorado. Rick ended up in a full leg cast for six weeks. Sarah told me over drinks one afternoon that the cast was an absolute turn on for her. A few roles of fiberglass cast tape can turn a successful banker making $500,000 a year into a helpless human being. Rick needed help dressing, driving, and bathing. She introduced the nurse and patient role play into their sexual repertoire. She adored putting Rick and his cast into uncomfortable semi sexual situations in public. And she found a love of Rick's toes once they were prominently displayed hanging from the end of his cast.

Sarah broke her leg as a kid. She fell from a tree and endured a painful pull and twist session in the hospital ER. Women do handle pain better than men. Sarah was back climbing trees one week later in a full leg cast

Sarah's love of pranks really was the inspiration for 'Rick's Lucky Break'. While Rick was in his full leg cast, I observed the following pranks arranged by Sarah:

  • Rick stayed home for a week after he and Sarah returned home from Colorado. Sarah arranged for a female stripper dressed in a skimpy nurse's costume to visit him while she was at the Yoga Studio;

  • Sarah and Rick threw a Christmas party while Rick was in his cast. Rick camped out on a sofa with his leg propped up a pillow. His toes were covered with a big grey sock. Sarah made me watch as a gorgeous blond took up residence on Rick's sofa. She propped his casted foot in her lap and engaged Rick in conversation. The women then removed the sock from Rick's toes and tossed it in the general direction of the punch bowl. Seconds later, Rick's big toe was in the woman's mouth as dozens of people looking on cheered. It turned out the woman was Sarah's roommate from college;

  • Rick, Sarah, and I went out to lunch at a mall shortly after Christmas. Sarah insisted that Rick get a pedicure at the mall and that he be fitted for a toe ring at one of the mall department stores. After these adventures, we had lunch at a chain restaurant in the mall. Our server was a cute college coed who happened to be one of Sarah's yoga students. Upon seeing Rick's cast, she told Rick a whale of a story about breaking her thigh skiing as a teen in her native Sweden. In a thick Nordic accent, she described the horribly painful injury and the 10 months she spent in a body cast. She then proceeded to remove her shoes and socks and demonstrated the latest yoga pose she was mastering. During this contortion, her bare foot was inches from Rick's face. The coed, of course, was one of Sarah's plants. She was from Alabama and talked like a southern Belle in real life.

Anyway far too many words and not enough pictures in this blog. Sarah and Rick now live on the Maryland side of Washington, DC. She owns a yoga studio and Rick is still engaged in banking. The couple gave up skiing after Rick's Lucky Break.

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