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Sarah And The Trampoline

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Sarah is a marketing major at Ohio University in Athens, OH.

In July of 2014, Sarah was at Zip City near her home town of Garrettsville, OH. Zip City provides lots of adventure entertainment activities include Zip Lines, Rock Climbing, and trampolines. Sarah was jumping on a trampoline when she landed awkwardly and suffered a compound fracture her tibia and fibula.

An ambulance was called and Sarah suffered an intense splinting process at Zip City. Sarah was transported to Akron Children's Hospital. Here are pictures of her in the emergency room.

Pretty tough girl after a compound fracture. Joking and laughing with her friends and family. You can see she was started on an IV in the ER and the leg was straightened and bandaged loosely at the break site.

Surgery took place at 8:30 the following morning. Sarah emerged from surgery in a toe to crotch green cast.

She stayed in the green cast for three weeks. The green cast was then replaced with a sporty black with yellow model. She chose those colors because they were her high school's colors. The color choice was lost on most of her friends who wondered why she had chosen a cast that looked like a bumble bee, crime tape, or the Pittsburgh Steelers. Fortunately, the woman has gorgeous toes and she is not shy about showing them off.

After three months of casts, Sarah embarked on 2 additional months of physical therapy. On the day she was taken out her last cast, she posted this montage of her cast experience.

And by prom time of the following year, Sarah was almost good as new. Note the bandage on her leg at the fracture site in this picture. She is second from the left in the photograph below.

So Sarah is now fully recovered from her gruesome leg injury. At least physically. Although she appeared to handle the injury in a cavalier fashion, the injury effected her mentally. She still has nightmares about seeing the bone sticking out of her leg and suffers from mild depression.

The good news is Sarah has a steady boyfriend and plans to graduate from Ohio University in two years.

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