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Semper Fi - Marine Breaks a Leg

For those of you not familiar with the US armed services, there are 4 main branches; the Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines. Members of the Marine Corp are recognized as special for their advanced training and screening requirements. The 170,000 members of the Marine Corps undergo intense training and have had a special status in the US military hierarchy.

The motto of the Marine Corp is 'Semper Fidelis' usually shorted to 'Semper Fi." This means 'always faithful'. John Phillip Sousa was, at one time, director of the Marine Band. He penned a March called the 'Semper Fidelis - The President's Own." which he claimed was his best march.

With that backdrop, let me introduce you to Savanna. Savanna was a senior in high school when she decided the Marine Corp was for her. She was accepted to Officer Candidate School at prestigious Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York.

Unlike the other service branches, the Marines get the majority of their commissioned officers from the Officer Candidate School. In Savanna's case, she spent two summers at the Marine Corp Base in Quantico, Virginia. She was subjected to some of the most grueling physical and mental challenges known to man. Drop out rates from the school for females approach 75%. Savanna persevered and became a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marines upon her graduation from college.

During the school year, Savanna spent weekends training with her Marine Reserve Team.

An 18 year old Savanna. She signed up to protect her country This picture is from the announcement in her local paper

At the ripe old age of 18, Savanna was learning to use weapons, mastering the art of amphibious assaults, and marching with her troop at 4:30 AM.

Savanna a few weeks before her accident. In spite of being a Marine. Savanna was a playful girl at heart

In the Spring of her sophomore year, Savanna suffered a minimally displaced fracture of her tibia while on a training march with her reserve unit. Her fellow Marines carried her three miles back to civilization. She was driven to a local hospital where her leg was set and placed in a full leg cast.

Easter of 2014. Savanna with her best friend displaying her full leg cast

To say that Savanna seemed to enjoy being in the cast would be an understatement. For six weeks, she proudly displayed her cast and toes to anyone who would look at them.

Marines are tough. Two months after breaking her leg, Savanna was cast free.

Savanna has pretty good feet considering Marines are considered infantry and must endure long marches with heavy backpacks

As always, the content Blog of my Blog is motivated by my selfishness. First, I adore red headed women. I find them passionate, life loving, uninhibited, and with fiery tempers. Oh did I mention they are also great in bed?

And red headed women in uniform drive me nuts! Maybe there is a submissive molecule deep inside of me that makes me want to controlled by a female in uniform with handcuffs or bayonets.

And things only get better. Not only is Savanna red headed and a uniform wearer, she is bisexual. Since 2010, gays in the US armed services have been extended protection from discrimination. This is a good thing for Savanna. She is living life the way she wants to live it.

Savanna (right) with her partner in 2015. They are at a Habitat for Humanity project in upstate New York

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