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Should Have Stuck To Cheerleading

Jori has been athletic all of her life.

Jori carrying the ball loved the violence of the sport of Rugby

She was an All Star cheerleader in high school. She was good enough to receive a partial scholarship to attend Davenport University in the state of Michigan. While at Davenport, Jori joined the schools female Rugby team. Jori says she loved the violence of the sport.

That is she loved the violence of the sport until February 2nd of this year.

After graduating from Davenport University, Jori moved to Texas to join the staff of the National Cheerleaders Association. At the same time, she joined the local Club level Rugby team in her area. Huge mistake.

Note the bulge on the inside of Jori's ankle. Things aren't quite where they belong

Help arrives. Jori described the pain when they moved her ankle as life altering

On February 2nd, Jori was carrying the ball. She was hit from the side by an opposing player. Her foot stayed planted in the ground while she toppled over. Jori ended up with dislocated ankle, torn ligaments, and badly broken fibula.

An air splint was used to stabilize the ankle

Jori described the ambulance ride to the hospital as the 'longest 15 minutes of my life'. The air splint provided no stability and the EMT's insisted on probing her ankle every 10 seconds

Jori spent the next two days in and out of hospitals. Physicians struggled to place Jori's shattered ankle in the correct anatomical position and keep it there. Jori had surgery on the ankle three days after the injury.

Jori did not detail her recovery from surgery on social media. The only known picture of her cast, comes from the day the cast was removed.

Jori's impressive collection of hardware following surgery

We can assume that Jori did not enjoy her time in the cast given the lack of social media postings following her surgery.

Today, Jori has recovered from the injury. She has resumed cheer leading activities. Her Rugby career , however, is still up in the air.

Jori (middle) displays an impressive 6" scar from the surgery. This photo was taken on the 4th of July

Jori before her injury in Daytona Beach

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