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Singer and Skateboarder Bites The Dust

Lex is 27 years old and singer and skateboarder. She was born in Pittsburgh and began skating there at the ripe old age of 7. A few years later, her family moved to Southern California where Lex honed her boarding skills.

She moved to Seattle, Washington a few years ago to be with her boyfriend - who is also a skater. In late 2018, Lex had a little skateboarding accident. She fell backward doing a trick and suffered a broken ankle.

Lex awaiting the arrival of the EMT's

The fracture was close to compound. You can see crowning in the skin

Lex on her way to the ambulance. She appears to be in that never never land between bravely smiling and about to scream

Fortunately for us, Lex's girlfriend captured the aftermath of the fall on video.

Once at the hospital, x-rays revealed a trimalleollar fracture. Surgery was performed and Lex began what turned out to be a difficult road to recovery.

Lex's x-ray post initial surgery. All hardware would eventually be removed

Lex at home following her initial surgery. At the time, she lived with two friends - one male and one female. Lex is bisexual and had sex with both friends on multiple occasions. She had never done a threesome

A weeks after surgery, Lex flew to Southern California to continue her recovery with her parents. Because she was under the age of 26 at the time, the cost of her US hospital care was fully covered on her parent's insurance plan.

A couple do weeks after the accident, Lex was placed in her first cast. Now at this point, I should point out that Lex marches to her own drummer. She plays guitar and signs and produces music videos on YouTube. She a fashionista and a couple of social media channels devoted to thrift store dressing. And she loves the color black.

Lex in her first cast. Doesn't the dog seem curious?

Lex's cast was later pimped up with a 'Game of Thrones' theme

Lex is also a professional photographer and loves talking pictures that have been well staged and themed. Good for us! There are lots of pictures of Lex in her cast.

Six weeks after the injury, Lex was placed is a pink cast. Her Southern California orthopedist apparently believed in toe plate casts since both of her casts were of this variety.

Lex styling in her new pink cast and ride

Lex soon progressed to a boot but her recovery took a bad turn after that.

Lex in her boot 9 weeks after her surgery

Four months after the injury, an infection set into her ankle. She underwent a second surgery to treat the infection and remove the plate and screws in her now healed fibula. And a month later, the rest of the screws were removed from her ankle during a third surgery,

During her second and third surgeries, Lex used a cane to assist her mobility. It actually became part of her style for three months

Today, Lex has resumed skateboarding and still produces music videos. She returned to Seattle to be with her lovers. The ankle, after three surgeries, will give her problems for the rest of her life.

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