Six Foot Tall Artistic Red Head Breaks a Leg

I have a love/hate relationship with artistic people. I myself have a bit of an artistic side. My main skill is fiction writing. I also dabble in drawing and a bit of music. But I am primarily process driven and prefer a world where people make 'to do' lists, have daily schedules, and drive toward a rewarding material goal of some type.

About ten years ago, I developed a relationship with a female artist. She was 15 years younger than me, gorgeous, and totally unpredictable. While I did daily 'to do' lists, she attacked each day with a devil may care attitude. She was amazing in bed but she drove me nuts with her lack of discipline, poor control of financial issues, and promiscuous sexual desires.

Sadly we broke up after three months. I still have a few of her wonderful paintings hanging in my house.

So, let's meet Anita, a 40 something Dutch bombshell with an artistic bent. She is a mother of two, owns an art gallery in Holland, and dabbles in the dark arts of S&M.

Earlier this year, Anita tripped while redecorating the interior of her trailer and broke her ankle. Her husband rushed her to the local hospital. The diagnosis was a broken fibula.

Anita's ankle in the emergency room waiting room

X-ray showing hard to find broken fibula

Anita was transferred to an adjacent orthopedic clinic where her leg was placed in a white, fiberglass cast. To Anita, this was like a blank canvas.

Anita leaving the clinic - pearly white cast on her leg

At home the evening of the injury

For the next few weeks, Anita took pride in decorating her cast properly.

Four weeks after the accident, Anita's cast was changed.

Anita at cast change time. Love the high top shoe

The new cast would not stay pearly white for long

The new cast came with a stylish walking shoe

The new cast was quickly painted with a variety of scenes.

Anita's 2nd cast

Six weeks after the injury, Anita was cast free and suffers not lingering problems as a result of the injury. The red headed vixen lives in a travel trailer which she has decorated ornately.

Anita and her well decorated trailer

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