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Skate Or Die!

This blog is about one of my favorite all time ankle breakers. The woman's nick name is V-Pats. She and a group of six Canadian friends started a YouTube Channel to share their adventures back in 2008. They were tired of the male dominated stunt, prank, and stupidity videos that dominated YouTube. So they decided to create their own channel.

V-Pats one year after her accident

The Channel created by V-Pats and her friends is called 'Daftknees'. You can find it on YouTube. You will not find the real names of the women however. The channel ran for 5 seasons and captured a variety of stunts.

V-Pats a year or so after her accident. A happy woman with a good sense of humor

Easily the most famous of the stunts was V-Pats attempting to skateboard. In the 2010, 2 part video, V-Pats dressed in a skin tight unitard attempts to skateboard down a 'wall'.

I know nothing about skateboarding. Apparently, the wall is a metal ramp that allows skateboarders to do various tricks.

In part one of the video, V-Pat's friends demonstrate their varied skateboard abilities. V-Pats, who looks adorable in the unitard, demonstrates that she has little or no athletic ability. The seven minute video is like a train wreck unfolding before our eyes. After six or seven unsuccessful tries to make it down a three foot 'wall' on a skateboard, V-Pats successfully manages to snap her ankle in half.

When I first saw this video, I was reminded or our old friend 'Vanity Smash' who was the subject of my December 27, 2018 Blog. Vanity, who was 35 at the time, had the brilliant idea to join a roller derby team after not skating for 15 plus years. Two minutes into her first bout. Vanity broke her tibia and fibula - an impressive compound fracture that required surgery.

Vanity and V-Pats combined have the athletic ability of a crippled dwarf. I am not being judgmental. My athletic abilities are not any better. But at least I have the good sense not to join a roller derby team or skateboard in a unitard.

Part two of the video involves putting V-Pats back into working order. By and large, V-Pat's friends seem amused by her injury. There appears to be an 'over under' going on how badly V-Pat's delicate ankle has been damaged.

An ambulance is called and we are treated to scenes of V-Pats melting down as the medics stabilize her ankle and move her to a stretcher. Eventually, the beautiful V-Pats under goes surgery and is placed in a cast.

Nine years later, V-Pats is a mother of three. She lives with her loving husband in Ontario.

V-Pats, like many Canadians is into Cosplay.

Fully recovered from the ankle injury, V-Pats is a huge Green Bay Packers (American Football) fan

V-Pats is the ultimate mother and a funny human being. She now has three kids. Her social media posts include thousands of pictures of her kids

This picture was taken a few months after V-Pats broke her ankle. Her sneakers were ruined when the medics cut them off of her foot. The new pair of sneakers caused blisters. V-Pat's playfully handled the situation with children's band aids.

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