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Soccer Girl Coral Catches a Break

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Coral minutes before her leg was broken by an errant tackle. The injury occurred in the opening game of the season for her high school

Woman's soccer is a dangerous sport. Just ask Coral, an Iowa native, and high school soccer star. On April 6 of last year, Coral's right leg was rolled from behind by an opposing player. Her tibia and fibula were broken at mid shaft.

"I knew the leg was broken right away." Coral said. "I felt a crunching sensation and a heard a loud pop. By the time I landed, I was consumed with pain. I knew it was bad when the girl who tackled me screamed when she saw my leg and covered her eyes."

Help came in the form of several teammates who braved the sight of Coral's grotesquely angled leg to offer comfort. "Sara Hughes put my head in her lap and the Brown twins held my hands and stopped me from rolling around."

"It was pretty scary." Team trainer Amber Finch said. "I was hoping someone in the crowd was a nurse or doctor. No such luck. I could see the bones pressing against Coral's skin and was worried about blood flow to her foot. To make matters worse, Coral was consumed with pain. Fortunately, her pulse was good once I got her shoe and sock off."

Finch who started pre med studies at the University of Minnesota last year kept things together until the ambulance arrived 15 minutes after the injury.

Coral's leg hours after surgery at the local Medical Center

Once at the hospital, Coral was whisked away for immediate surgery. The girl's tibia was secured with a plate while her fibula was left hardware free. She was placed in a soft splint which was replaced a week later with a blue full leg cast.

Coral decorated her toe to thigh cast with school colors. Her boyfriend (far left) signed a letter of intent to play football at a small school in Iowa

Three weeks later, Coral participated in National Signing Day at her high school. This is the day that high school athletes in the United States sign 'Letter of Intents' to play sports at the college level. Coral chose to play soccer for a small school in Missouri.

Since Coral could not play sports in her senior year, the Prom became one of the focal points of her spring.

Coral (left) with her friend Emma. Both girls were nominated to be Prom Queen thus each are holding an over sized queen chess piece. This photo was taken a week before Coral broke her leg

In anticipation of prom, Coral had her cast changed to pink to better match her dress. She and Rudy were favorites to be prom king and queen. Unfortunately, things did not work out that way

Coral and Rudy had a great time at Prom. Here Coral in the wheelchair is showing off her matching dress and cast.

This is the morning after prom. I suspect alcohol may have been involved in prom night. Poor Rudy does not know what delicate toes are inches from his mouth.

By July, Coral had fully recovered from the injury. She is currently playing for her new college team and has adapted fully to college life. She is currently a college sophomore and planning to major in marketing.

Coral shown in Colorado in the summer of last year. At this point she was fully recovered from the injury

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