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Soccer is a dangerous sport

Carissa is a successful program manager with Boeing in Seattle, Washington. She is a native of Washington State and a very successful high school soccer player.

Carissa earned a scholarship to play soccer at Embry-Riddle University in Prescott, Arizona. For those of you not familiar with ERAU, their curriculum is focused on aviation and engineering. Their students plan to have careers in the aviation industry as pilots, engineers, flight controllers, or astronauts.

At ERAU, Carissa played forward. The 5'7" beauty had a mishap in a game against WPU. Her tibia and fibula were broken. Here is a video of the accident:

I am not sure the coaches knew what they were doing. Poor Carissa's pain seemed to intensify the more they worked on the leg.

Anyway, things turned out well. Carissa spent a few months in a festive pink and black cast.

And Carissa now works at Boeing in Seattle helping with the assembly and delivery of Boeing jet aircraft. She has risen quickly through the ranks at Boeing. She is not married and looking for a guy if any of you want to apply!

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