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Soccer Party Girl From Down Under Breaks Her Leg - Twice!

Tayla is a 28 year old party girl and former soccer player who lives in Australia.

Tayla in good form days before the injury

In late 2016, she was playing in a club match and took a hard kick to her shin. She immediately collapsed in agony with a broken tibia. She was driven to a local hospital by two team mates. Tayla was placed in a temporary splint and sent home.

Tayla's splint which was applied in the ER

One week after the injury, Tayla visited an orthopedic surgeon's office. The good news was surgery would not be required to set the fracture. The bad news was the broken bones would have to re-positioned before Tayla's cast could be applied.

Tayla on the way home after her leg was set and casted. She was so shaken by the setting process, she was unable to sign her discharge papers.

Tayla was scheduled to attend a friend's birthday party that evening. Therefore, Tayla made the huge mistake of declining the doctor's offer of putting Tayla into conscious sedation. She wanted to drink and celebrate with her friend. Bad choice.

Tayla was so shocked by the pain she experienced during the setting process, she was unable to speak or sign discharge papers before her release from the doctor's office.

Tayla's cast three weeks after it was applied. This was late November in Australia and the summertime heat made the itching in the cast unbearable.

Once home, Tayla greedily swallowed six of the twelve Oxycodone tablets prescribed by the doctor. She was immediately asleep, missed the birthday party, and didn't wake up until 3:00 in the afternoon the following day.

Tayla at a friend's wedding in later November

After the rough start with the setting process, Tayla's recovery was fairly normal. In mid December, the full leg cast was replaced with a short leg model.

Tayla modeling her new short leg cast on Christmas Day. With her is her cousin who herself was a veteran bone breaker. Cousin Brooke apparently broke her left leg three times

Tayla with her cast shoe. She nicknamed the shoe 'Sally'

By mid January, Tayla was promoted to a walking boot and by March she was walking normally.

Tayla at the home under construction she and her fiancé were building in mid February

While she was in her cast, Tayla made the decision to retire from soccer. In Australia, this is, apparently, called 'hanging up her boots.'

Unfortunately for Tayla, she made a decision to come back to the sport in late winter.

Tayla's x-rays after her second broken leg.

You guessed it! In August of 2017, Tayla was kicked in the shin during a soccer match. She felt her lower leg snap again and immediately knew her leg had been re-broken at the site of the original fracture. So much for the wife's tale of broken bones healing stronger than they were before a break.

This time, Tayla had her own treatment plan. She had her teammates carry her to the sideline where the team trainer splinted the leg. She called her orthopedic surgeon who agreed to see her that afternoon - bypassing the need for a trip to an emergency department.

Tayla on her way home after the second broken leg was set and casted

Most importantly, Tayla called cousin Brooke - the veteran leg breaker. Cousin Brooke had a dozen Oxycodone pills left over from her previous broken bones. Brooke rushed to the field where Tayla - wishing to avoid another painful bone setting session - downed six of the pills before being loaded into Brooke's car.

Tayla was dead to the world when Brooke and Tayla arrived at the hospital. Tayla might have proceeded differently is she knew the second break was not as serious as the first and required only minor manipulation and the application of a full leg cast.

Tayla's cast six weeks after application. The girl was committed to keeping the cast clean and free of signatures

The only good decision Tayla made in this little story was 'hanging her boots up' after the second break healed. By December of 2017, Tayla was big time on the party circuit in her local town. She has moved into her new home but has not yet married her fiancé. She and cousin Brooke remain very close.

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