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Updated: Feb 1, 2020

In the world of medical casts, nothing is more confining, restrictive, and life altering than a hip spica cast.

As most of you know, I was a professional dominatrix for three years when I was in my 20's. My clients came from all walks of life and had all sorts of fantasies. My job was to make their fantasies come true.

I had a group of clients who were into total submission. To various degrees, they got their rocks off by being humiliated and controlled by others. In the world of S&M, this the dark area of bondage, mouth gags, forced humiliation, and toilet play.

This is very similar to the environment that the wearer of a spica cast finds them self in. One minute, the victim if happily engaged in an enjoyable activity. 24 hours later, they are completely helpless. Even the simplest tasks - eating, toileting, bathing - require assistance.

Fortunately for patients (not so much for the cast community), spica casts are rarely used with adults.

This blog details the adventures of three children who have had the misfortune to find themselves in a spica cast in childhood and have retold their story to me directly or through blogs as adults.

Club Member One - Stefan

Eight year old Stefan spent 11 weeks in this spica cast.

Stefan was eight years old in 2002 when his mother and her boyfriend decided to take Stefan and a friend camping in woods in their home state of Oregon. Stefan was playing with his friend in a small amphitheater that consisted of a podium and stage with several rows of benches. Stefan somehow managed to tip the podium over and it landed squarely on his thigh. Stefan's mother and her boyfriend got the podium off of Stefan and called 911. It took 45 minutes for the EMT's to arrive. Stefan was in excruciating pain when he was placed on a backboard and transported to the hospital via ambulance.

Once at the hospital, Stefan was x-rayed and taken into surgery. A rod was placed in the femur and he was partially casted. Stefan stayed in the hospital for a week. His cast was finished before he was released.

Stefan's mother described the difficulties she had managing Stefan once he got home. "The next 11 weeks went by very slowly. Stefan went through myriads of problems from terrible muscle spasms and icky peeling skin to depression and anxiety. He was filthy from camping and they didn't wash him before putting him in the cast. So he itched like mad, more even than normal. He had a hard time sleeping and he had to take benedryl to be able to go to sleep at night. I had to do everything for him, from meals to the urinal to the bedpan. One of the most embarrassing things, and others in a body cast might know of this part - is that because of the surgery, all the blood went to the lowest part of his body - his scrotum. It was swollen to the size of an orange and terrible blue and purple and painful. It was hard for him to urinate because the urinal would sit right on his scrotum and cause pain. Thankfully, that went away in a few weeks time. I joked with him that besides being so very brave, he had "man sized nuts!"

In case you hadn't realized, Stefan's mom is a total nut case. She babied and pampered Stefan for 11 weeks - even quitting her job to take care of him. Today, Stefan is a bartender at a gay club. He attributes his bisexuality at least partially to the 11 weeks spent on display in the spica cast.

Stefan today. I have a theory that a high percentage of kids who spend time in spica casts develop homosexual tendencies later in life

Club Member Two - Anne

Ten year old Anne was tossed from her horse and landed on a wooden fence. Her femur snapped in half on impact. Her tibia was also broken at mid shaft. A plucky girl, Anne bravely tried to stand up but found leg 'useless'.

Anne in her hip spica cast. After her brothers teased her stealing the towel that covered her genitals. Anne's mom made special set of shorts that snapped at the side and fitted over Anne's cast

A native of Holland, Michigan, Anne was whisked off to a hospital by ambulance. A pin was inserted in her thigh and a plate in her tibia. She was placed in a spica cast for 10 weeks.

I talked to Anne a few years ago and asked her about her time in the spica cast. "Absolutely the worst time of my life. I was a happy kid. But 10 weeks in plaster from toes to chest would make Howdy Doody depressed. The itching was horrible. I cried myself to sleep most nights. My brothers had this idiotic contest going on to see who could humiliate me the most. They would steal the towel that covered my genitals and park my wheelchair in the most public of places. The only one I could rely on besides my parents was my best friend Mary who lived next door. She visited every day. Our relationship grew as we aged."

Today, Anne is a lawyer in Michigan. Her thigh bothers her even in the summer time. She is married to her childhood friend, Mary

Club Member Three - Ryan

Poor Ryan had a little sledding accident in 2008. The accident happened near his house so dad was able to carry a screaming Ryan into the family kitchen. An ambulance was called and Ryan was whisked off - still screaming - to the local hospital.

Ryan lived in a remote part of New York State. The local ER determined that Ryan had broken his femur and suggested that Ryan be transported by ambulance to a larger hospital due to the severity of the injury.

Upon arrival at the larger hospital, Ryan had a pin drilled through his leg and was placed in traction for 19 days. Shortly after New Years Day, Ryan was placed in his spica cast.

After six weeks in the spica cast, Ryan's cast was finally removed. His mother describes the cast removal process. " It took the cast technician awhile to remove the wooden bar connecting the legs using the saw like cutter. Once she cut through the cast she used a prying device to crack open the cast. My husband ended up helping removing the various sections that were cut. We joked with Ryan telling him he was like a lobster because it sounded like cracking of a shell when removing the pieces."

Ryan is currently a sophomore at the University of Buffalo. He was timid kid growing up. Sports were not his thing so he concentrated on scouting and marching band in high school. Ryan let mom and dad know last year that he was gay. They handled things well

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