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Stunning Wine Sommelier Breaks Foot

This 28 year old sexpot is named Kristen. She is 28 years old and lives in Toronto.

Kristen comes from a wealthy family. New was raised in Newfoundland, went to private school, and a good university. Kristen's parent's appreciated good wine - particularly Canadian wine. Kristen inherited their taste for wine.

In her early 20's, Kristen decided to become a wine sommelier. A sommelier is a wine steward - typically in a fine restaurant, club, or resort. They typically advise on the best wines to pair with various dishes and conduct wine tasting events.

Becoming a sommelier is not easy. Travel to various parts of the world is encouraged, tests must be taken, and recommendations from 'master' sommeliers are required.

Kristen in Toronto's Korea Town a few days after her little accident

Earlier this year, Kristen had a little accident. She had conducted a wine tasting event at a private home in suburban Toronto. The event was attended by 15 or so wealthy guests and was quite the success. Kristen regaled the crowd with tales of how Canadian grapes are harvested, wine making and bottling, and the proper foods to pair wines with. Dinner consisted of six courses - each with a different wine.

Kristen on the road to recovery with the help of a glass of Chardonnay

Kristen, like many people, has a fear of public speaking. So, to calm her nerves, she smoked a little weed before the event and took a 'chill pill' her doctor had prescribed for her. She performed perfectly during the wine tasting but things turned bad after the conclusion of the event.

The host and hostess of the event invited Kristen and her girlfriend to spend the evening at their estate. Kristen agreed. After the event, Kristen, relieved that she had made it through the evening, imbibed heavily of the featured wines. Going down a flight of stairs in 4" heels, Kristen tripped, fell down 14 stairs, and, miraculously, escaped with only a broken foot.

Kristen a few weeks after the injury sampling the bubbly

Kristen's reaction after the fall was to laugh uncontrollably and to crawl to the living room now barefoot where her host and hostess were also well on the way to passing out. Ice was fetched for Kristen now swollen and black and blue foot and the drinking continued.

After six weeks in the cast, Kristen graduated to a walking boot

The following morning, Kristen's girlfriend drove her to a Toronto hospital where X-rays revealed three broken bones in the foot. Two of breaks were displaced. Surgery was discussed. Kristen instead chose a conservative treatment course that involved attaching 'finger traps' to three of her toes, elevating her foot in the air, and allowing a burly doctor to push down on her ankle until the bones re-aligned. A short leg cast was then applied.

Kristen called the setting procedure 'barbaric'.

Kristen out and about in her walking boot. A few days before she was allowed to start weight bearing

In her social media sites, she attributed the broken foot to a 'fainting spell.' Kristen's foot is now completely healed and she is back to wearing heels.

Hopefully, she will not experience any more 'fainting spells'!

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