Super Model Breaks Femur

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Cambrie is a 23 year old, self proclaimed supermodel, actress, and social media influencer.

Her father was a child movie and TV star. He made a boatload of money and Cambrie was raised in Beverly Hills and Malibu, California. She went to private school and was spoiled silly as a child.

Cambrie displaying a body she is very proud of

Cambrie and her sister Faith - 3 years younger than Cambrie - were holy terrors as teenagers. They were suspended from school many times for behavior detrimental to other students. This behavior included drug possession and sale, destruction of property, and sex with students of both sexes in public areas. After each suspension, dad would come up with a hefty donation to the school's building fund, and the girls would be reinstated.

Cambrie and Faith both have arrest records.

When Cambrie was 13, her dad convinced a movie producer that his daughter was a natural born actor. Cambrie starred with her father in a made for TV Hallmark movie in 2013. The movie garnered a pedestrian rotten tomato score of 26%. Cambrie's acting skills were called by one critic 'minimal at best'.

Cambrie (right) with her younger sister Faith. The girls have a bit of a wild streak

With her movie career in tatters, dad decided modeling was the profession of choice for Cambrie. Dad produced a short lived reality TV show called Growing Up Supermodel. The premise was to follow the struggles and successes of a handful of children in Southern California with aspirations to become supermodels. One fundamental flaw with the show was each of children were as spoiled as Cambrie, extremely self centered, and, in general homely. The show failed after 8 episodes.

To this day, Cambrie calls herself a supermodel although, to the best of my knowledge, she has appeared in no major advertising campaigns or print media.

Cambrie (Right) with her mother at their Malibu Beach House

Now - on to the point of this blog. Cambrie's broken leg.

In 2015, Cambrie was dancing with her sister, Faith, at a Malibu, California Club. The women, always proud of their bodies, were dancing on the bar of the club in bikinis and high heels. Both women were under aged for alcohol consumption in California at that time.

A highly inebriated Cambrie took a tumble and cracked her femur an inch above the knee. Oblivious to the pain, Cambrie resumed dancing until the club closed two hours later.

Cambrie having the cast applied to her broken leg

The following morning, Cambrie awoke with a hangover, a swollen knee, bruised thigh, and in extreme pain. Her sister drove the still bikini clad Cambrie to the family orthopedist. Cambrie's mother apparently has a proclivity for breaking arms and legs at an alarming rate due to her love of extreme sports. The family was well known to the head of the orthopedic practice.

Cambrie adored being in the cast. She took dozens of pictures of the cast for her many social media sites

Arriving unannounced, both girls threw a huge tantrum when they were told a wait would be required to see a doctor. The tantrum was so intense and disrupting, the women were ushered back to an examining room immediately. X-rays were taken, the fracture was diagnosed, and Cambrie was placed in a toe to thigh cast.

Cambrie and Faith celebrating their score of 90 Oxycontin pills

Another tantrum occurred when the attending physician initially refused Cambrie's request for an Oxycontin prescription. The tantrum went on until Faith showed the attending physician a picture of his daughter - a classmate of Faith's - naked in bed with another female student. She threatened to post the picture on Instagram and every other social media site she could locate.

Working out is an important part of staying fit

Cambrie left with a a prescription for enough Oxycontin to sedate half the state of California. Cambrie shared her cherished medication with Faith. That's what sisters are for!

Why let a little thing like a broken leg effect your emjoyment of life?

Cambrie recovered fully from the injury in six weeks. She absolutely loved being in the cast. She took dozens of pictures of her cast and posted them on social media sites.

Cambrie at a photo shoot for some obscure print media ad campaign

Today, Cambrie's modeling career has stalled. She has moved to Miami to be with her boyfriend and decided to take up a career in professional boxing.

Cambrie and Faith sharing a little sister time

To say that Cambrie and Faith are close would be an extreme understatement. There are dozens of pictures on each woman's social media accounts displaying tongue kissing and aggressive touching, rubbing, and squeezing of each other's normally prohibited body parts.

I'll leave how far the two women have gone to the imagination of the reader.

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