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Swedish Bombshell Jumps Out Of Second Story Window Naked

Maria in the ER a few hours after her accident

This is one of those blogs that proves truth can be stranger than fiction.

Meet Maria who moved from Sweden to Los Angeles when she was 15. Maria is an actress, writer, chef, photographer, and model.

Maria a couple of days after her arrival at the hospital. She has an external fixator on her left heel

In late 2016, Maria had a little fall from a second story window. I an mot sure I fully buy her explanation of the accident. On her social media sites, here is how the accident occurred according to Maria:

"This September, I endured a horrific incident when someone was breaking down my door and I had to escape out of a high second story window onto concrete to save my life.

I suffered life threatening injuries, completely shattered both of my heels which had to be put together with three different emergency surgeries. I also fractured the T12 vertebrae of my spine, and I broke both hands, leaving me with casts on every limb."

I am not the judgmental type. But there are a couple of data points that Maria overlooked in her version of the story. First, the 'attacker' at the door was her ex boyfriend who became incensed when he learned Maria had declared herself lesbian and was now sleeping a lesbian partner. Poor guy doesn't take rejection well apparently.

Second, Maria was naked when she did her little face plant into the concrete below her second story window. And, third, Maria's new lesbian plaything was hiding under the bed when the naked Maria took her little leap of faith from the window.

Maria with Dr. Lin who performed all of Maria's surgeries.

Maria spent two weeks in the hospital and was heavily sedated on opiates during her stay. She was finally released with casts on all four of her limbs.

Maria, all limbs now casted, ready for her release from the hospital

After two weeks, Maria was discharged from the hospital. Her new partner Kim played a major role in her recovery. Following the accident, Maria encountered numerous mental demons including depression and PTSD.

At home, Kim sucking her casted thumb as she naps

Maria's recovery was long and arduous. By December, she was out of the casts. She wore walking boots but was not weight bearing until March of the following year.

Maria and her partner Kim on Christmas day of 2016. Kim is also an actress and has appeared in several movies

Maria's recovery took approximately 3 years. She was walking carefully after six months but experienced several set backs in the recovery process.

Maria continued to ice and elevate her damaged feet after she was allowed to start weight bearing

Today, Maria has recovered as well as can be expected from life altering injuries. Outwardly, she displays the confidence that an actress can bring to a life of daily pain and suffering. Inwardly, Maria continues to suffer from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. She is an active model and actress and runs a professional photography business. She occasionally requires the use a cane on days when her pain is severe.

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