The Chat Room

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June 28th, 2008

Kelly was bored. The low hum of her window unit air conditioner filled the room with a sense of dreary idleness. Bright June sunlight filtered into her bedroom, casting a bronze glow on the pile of magazines and books stacked on a chair next to Kelly’s bed. Kelly slowly looked around the room, gave a defeated sigh, and placed her laptop on a pillow to her left.

After booting up her laptop, Kelly logged into her email and Myspace. Nothing new. Another defeated sigh. She logged into her AIM account. Only two friends online, neither of which she particularly wanted to talk with. Kelly felt like smashing her laptop, just to relieve her boredom.

On a whim, she texted her friend Rachel for help.

“what’s that chat site you use to talk to random guys? the one you told me about like 2 weeks ago?

Rachel responded 5 minutes later:

“ lol. u feeling any better?”

“ty!! and yeah a lil bit….just hella bored”

“i bet :( i wish you were here with us!! miss youuu <3”

The chatroom required a username and a gender. After giving a cursory look at other member's usernames, Kelly created hers: brokenlegchick08.

Within minutes of logging in, Kelly was flooded with chat notifications.

“hey bby ;) u horny??”

“want to see my hard cock ?”

“daddy needs a princess with tite holes. is that u? ;) ;)”

"broke ur leg? can u still fuck,,?"

Kelly rolled her eyes. She kept the chat tab open and eyed it occasionally over the next hour. Most of her chats were the same -- painfully horny boomer-aged men with poor spelling and grammar, all begging for attention. Kelly was almost ready to log off when a new chat popped into her feed.

IowaDoc38: Hey there, laid up with a broken leg?

brokenlegchick08: yupp :/ how’d you guess??

IowaDoc38: Ah that’s no good! :(

IowaDoc38: Let’s call it doctor’s intuition. How’d you break it?

brokenlegchick08: softball...another girl slid into my shin and broke my leg :/

brokenlegchick08: and you’re a doctor?

IowaDoc38: Fuck! That sounds miserable, I’m sorry.

IowaDoc38: Indeed I am one. What’s broken? Tibia, fibula, both?

brokenlegchick08: oh wow cool!! my er doctor and ortho surgeon were both really nice and helpful :D

brokenlegchick08: and ya double break of my tib and fib :/

IowaDoc38: That’s a nasty break -- I’m quite familiar with it myself. Which course of treatment are you currently on? Conservative with a cast or surgery?

Kelly’s eyes drifted down towards the thick fiberglass cast that encased her entire right leg, currently propped up on two of her bed pillows. Golden afternoon sunlight spilled across the faded and heavily signed blue fiberglass.

A real med cast equivalent of Kelly's cast.

brokenlegchick08: ya it really fucking sucked. i got lucky and didn’t need surgery but my leg is casted

brokenlegchick08: my cast is fucking huge :/

IowaDoc38: My sympathies. I know it must be rough and inconvenient for you. Full leg cast I assume? How long ago was the break?

brokenlegchick08: ya it’s a full leg cast

brokenlegchick08: i broke it almost a month ago. i really want to get my cast off soon but my dr said it may take a while

brokenlegchick08: like a month or more maybe idk

IowaDoc38: I can’t make a judgement since I haven’t seen a recent copy of your x-rays, but I would believe your doctor and follow his advice and instructions. It’s for the best, despite how frustrating it may be.

brokenlegchick08: ya i know...i just needed to vent to someone about all this. sorry :/

IowaDoc38: No problem at all, don’t apologize! I can't even imagine how frustrating it is to be stuck inside all summer with a cast.

IowaDoc38: How has your leg been feeling recently?

brokenlegchick08: its a huge bummer :/ def didn't plan for my summer to be like this...

brokenlegchick08: it still hurts tbh but not as bad as it did when i broke it. like its sore most of the time. but i can manage it without pain meds by now

IowaDoc38: Great to hear! You don't want to stay on prescription meds for too long. How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

brokenlegchick08: ya i had a codeine prescription but it made me feel awful and sick so i started using tylenol as soon as i could

brokenlegchick08: and i'm 18. how old are you?

IowaDoc38: I'm 38, is that ok?

brokenlegchick08: ya lol ok with me :)

brokenlegchick08: so youre from iowa im guessing?

IowaDoc38: Bingo! Great guess. And where are you from?

brokenlegchick08: lmao youre silly

brokenlegchick08: and im from nebraska. we're neighbors!!

brokenlegchick08: wanna come cut my cast off? pretty please :D :D

IowaDoc38: Ha, flattered by your invite but sadly I can't in good conscience remove your cast. How about I sign it instead?

IowaDoc38: Have many friends signed the cast?

Kelly's eyes went back to her leg. She was enjoying this chat with the doctor from Iowa. He was compassionate, smart and witty -- a perfect distraction from her broken leg. Kelly could also feel a familiar, arousing warmth begin to grow in between her legs. Her outfit today consisted of a white thong and a blue tank top. She'd neglected to put on a bra or pants.

After giving her toes a wiggle and curl, Kelly leaned over to her desk to grab her phone. She took a few quick shots of her cast from her perspective, then held the phone out with one arm to take a selfie with her cast propped up. Kelly stood at 5'7 with bright blonde hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin. Her chest and rear had developed rapidly during her early teens, and she relished the attention they brought her. Now equipped with a 34E bust, Kelly had the capacity to mesmerize most men with just a peak of her breasts. She'd also been taking pictures and sending them to boys for years, and was quite adept at it.

After snapping several pics, Kelly emailed them to herself from her phone and then sent them to the doctor.

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