The Chat Room - Chapter 2

Giving her toes a wiggle and curl, Kelly leaned over to her desk to grab her phone. She took a few quick shots of her cast from her perspective, then held the phone out with one arm to take a selfie with her cast propped up. Kelly stood at 5'7 with bright blonde hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin. Her chest and rear had developed rapidly during her early teens, and she relished the attention they brought her. Now equipped with a 34E bust, Kelly had the capacity to mesmerize most men with just a peek of her breasts. She'd also been taking pictures and sending them to boys for years, and was quite adept at it.

After snapping several pics, Kelly emailed them to herself from her phone and then sent them to the doctor.

IowaDoc38: Oh man

IowaDoc38: You weren’t kidding about the size of that cast!

IowaDoc38: Looks like the cast extends to your groin. Mid-shaft tibia break?

brokenlegchick08: ya

brokenlegchick08: right in the middle of my shin

brokenlegchick08: it made such nasty sound :(

IowaDoc38: Oh no, that’s awful. So sorry to hear!

IowaDoc38: However, the cast needs to extend up into your groin in order to properly stabilize your leg. If the break had occurred closer towards your ankle, you probably wouldn't need such a large cast.

brokenlegchick08: ya i know...i just wish it didn’t go all the way up

IowaDoc38: On the bright side, it looks like there’s plenty of space to add a signature

brokenlegchick08: lololol theres too much space to sign

brokenlegchick08: but youre welcome to add yours!

IowaDoc38: I’ll keep that in mind :)

IowaDoc83: Does the cast itch much?

brokenlegchick08: ugh you have no idea!

brokenlegchick08: the worst places are around my ankle and the top of my cast

IowaDoc38: Oh I can imagine all right.

brokenlegchick08: do you apply casts as a doctor?

brokenlegchick08: what kind of doctor are you?

IowaDoc38: Well, I hate to admit it but my name may be a bit misleading. I’m a PA-C at an urgent care center

IowaDoc38: (Physician’s Assistant)

IowaDoc38: But to answer your question yes -- I’m quite familiar with cast applications and removals.

brokenlegchick08: lol thats ok

brokenlegchick08: i woulndt know the difference anyway lmao

brokenlegchick08: still v cool :)

IowaDoc38: I’m glad you think so!

brokenlegchick08: ugh wish you could have been my doctor lol

brokenlegchick08: actually nvm

brokenlegchick08: i was a gross mess when i got to the emergency room lol

IowaDoc38: Nonsense! I would have loved to have helped treat you

brokenlegchick08: nooooo! seriously i was sweaty and in tears and covered in dirt

brokenlegchick08: plus my leg was like totally broken

IowaDoc38: Trust me, I’ve seen my fair share of broken legs

IowaDoc38: Casted many as well

brokenlegchick08: i think im stuck in this thing for a while :(

brokenlegchick08: at least this cast is kinda comfy

brokenlegchick08: except for the itching lol

IowaDoc38: I’m glad to hear you don’t hate it at least!

IowaDoc38: Did your doctor talk about surgery?

brokenlegchick08: ya he said it was an option but i really didnt want it

brokenlegchick08: having a metal rod inside my leg sounded so freaky

brokenlegchick08: and i didnt want any nasty scars

IowaDoc38: Totally legitimate concerns, you’re not the first patient who’s expressed those exact same sentiments

IowaDoc38: Part of evaluating and treating injuries like yours is working with the patient to find the best route of treatment that the patient is most comfortable with

IowaDoc38: And it sounds like you had some great doctors who worked with you to make the right choice!

IowaDoc38: Now all that’s left is to let your leg rest and heal. It’s difficult, I know. But with the right support around you I’m sure you can breeze through it

brokenlegchick08: lol awww thank you :)

brokenlegchick08: it sucks that i broke my leg but i also know i can get through it

IowaDoc38: Did you have any big plans this summer that your broken leg got in the way of?

brokenlegchick08: ya i was supposed to work at a coffee shop

brokenlegchick08: now i cant

brokenlegchick08: and i wanted to party a lot with my friends and its tough to now :(

IowaDoc38: My official line is that I can’t condone underage drinking and partying in general

IowaDoc38: But off the record, I do feel bad that you can’t do that stuff with your friends

IowaDoc38: Especially the summer before you start college. What a bummer!

brokenlegchick08: lololololol

brokenlegchick08: and i have bad feeling i’ll have to start school in a cast :(

brokenlegchick08: ughhhh

IowaDoc38: I’m sorry to hear that. Where are you attending school this fall?

brokenlegchick08: university of nebraska babyyyy!!!

IowaDoc38: Ah, a Husker. One of my mortal enemies ;)

IowaDoc38: You might have to request a new cast color

IowaDoc38: Could at least have some school spirit showing up with a red cast

brokenlegchick08: im def getting a red cast before school starts!!

brokenlegchick08: fingers crossed its a below the knee cast lol

IowaDoc38: I don’t want to be a buzzkill but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

IowaDoc38: But a big red cast is a great way to show some spirit!

brokenlegchick08: well i at least hope its a little bit shorter

brokenlegchick08: this cast is too close know what

brokenlegchick08: lol

IowaDoc38: I think I get the idea ;)

IowaDoc38: It must be rough on your love life. Do you have a boyfriend?

brokenlegchick08: thats been one of the worst side effects tbh

brokenlegchick08: lol

brokenlegchick08: and no im single. wbu?

IowaDoc38: I went through an amicable divorce a year ago

IowaDoc38: We both wanted different things and goals later in life, and we just realized it too late.

brokenlegchick08: aww im sorry

brokenlegchick08: but it sounds like you got through it well

IowaDoc38: I’m great! We don’t need to worry about me

IowaDoc38: It’s your love life (or lack thereof) that needs more attention

brokenlegchick08: awww lmao

brokenlegchick08: i had some fun plans this my fucking leg ruined them all

IowaDoc38: I know it must be tough dealing with the frustration of it all

IowaDoc38: Sexual frustration can be the toughest as well

brokenlegchick08: lmaoooo

brokenlegchick08: youre telling me!

brokenlegchick08: its hard to do anything when youre in a cast to your ass :/

IowaDoc38: Has to be tough shaving your pussy right?

Kelly was taken aback by the question, but still not turned off by it either. Her pink, swollen pussy hadn’t been touched by anyone but herself since the cast had been applied. Sliding her thong to the side, Kelly peeked in at the small curls of sandy blond hair that had grown around her pussy over the past few weeks. The cast afforded her just a few precious inches of skin between the end of her cast and her groin. Kelly hadn’t even attempted to shave since the cast was applied.

brokenlegchick08: lol wow…but ya its tough to shave

brokenlegchick08: tbh i havent shaved at all

brokenlegchick08: i feel gross saying that

IowaDoc38: Nothing wrong with that at all

IowaDoc38: Was that question too personal?

brokenlegchick08: its ok with me :p

brokenlegchick08: its ok to be curious too

brokenlegchick08: lol

IowaDoc38: Suffice to say I’m very curious about you

IowaDoc38: Especially after seeing your pics

brokenlegchick08: :D

brokenlegchick08: damn youre going to make me blush lol

IowaDoc38: I’d like to do much more to you than make you blush

IowaDoc38: Even in your current unfortunate situation

IowaDoc38: Have you had sex in the cast yet?

Kelly’s mind drifted back to the last time she had sex. Prom night, a mere 72 hours before her unfortunate leg break. She’d started the evening on her knees, blowing her date, Jesse Levenstein, in his bathroom before taking prom pictures in his backyard. She ended the evening with Jesse’s cock in her mouth again, only this time with Jesse’s friend, Antonio De La Rosa, fucking her from behind. All three of them ended the night on a high note, with Kelly cumming multiple times on Antonio’s thick cock, while Jesse and Antonio both blew their loads onto Kelly’s chest.

For those interested, a NSFW visualizer of Kelly (sans cast, unfortunately)

As chance had it, Antonio had also broken his leg -- two years earlier in a soccer game. A collision with the opposing keeper snapped his shin in half, forcing Antonio to navigate the ensuing three and a half months with his leg immobilized in a series of full leg casts. Kelly even signed his one of his casts, writing a small paragraph on the top of his kneecap wishing him well.

Three days after breaking her own leg, Kelly texted Antonio with the unfortunate news and the two chatted frequently about her injury, swapping stories about their experiences and Antonio providing advice and emotional support.

Once she felt up for it, Kelly invited Antonio over to her house to sign her cast. She was careful to choose a date and time when she knew her parents would be out of the house for at least a few hours. Thrilled to have a boy over, Kelly painstakingly slipped on a small pair of tight, hip-hugging khaki shorts over her cast and chose an orange crop top that offered a generous view of her chest.

The two spent most of the afternoon on Kelly’s couch, with Kelly laying on her back, her cast comfortably propped up on a pillow across Antonio’s lap. Antonio sat upright on the couch and signed Kelly’s cast just above her ankle. She gave her toes a flirtatious wiggle as Antonio wrote a get well message and signed his name.

As they chatted, Kelly noticed Antonio’s hand inch higher and higher up her cast. The recent memories of prom night were not lost on either of them, and soon Antonio was leaned over Kelly, the pair of them making out furiously. The urge to cut loose and fuck all over the couch consumed them both, but unfortunately, Kelly’s cast presented a literal massive roadblock.

After anxiously shifting and squirming her hips around while making out, Kelly briefly pressed back against Antonio’s chest. She bit her lip and quietly murmured “I don’t think this is going to work with…” and let her eyes drift down to her cast to quietly finish the sentence.

Antonio chuckled and sat up, revealing the outline of a thick bulge in his shorts. Feeling sorry for him and embarrassed by her temporarily crippled state, Kelly took Antonio’s hands and placed one on each of her breasts. She watched Antonio’s eyes and bulge grow larger as he squeezed and rubbed her full bust.

After several minutes of feeling her up, Antonio couldn’t hold back any further. He stood up from the couch and quickly dropped his shorts. Antonio’s erection sprung up right beside Kelly’s face, where she eagerly wrapped her lips around it. Less than 30 seconds later, Antonio’s knees buckled and he exploded into her mouth.

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