The Lady in Purple - Or Why I Don't Hike

Britt is a 28 year old woman who lives in Oregon. She is only 5'1" but very athletic.

In July, she was hiking on a mountain trail with her boyfriend when she slipped trying to hop over a fallen tree. The shin slammed hard into the tree resulting in a broken tibia just be below the knee.

Brittany with boyfriend. He can carry me down a mountain anytime

Fortunately, Britt's boyfriend was a strapping lad who had served in the US Army, was trained in first aid, and was a body builder. He fashioned a splint out of tree limbs and carried his girl friend two miles down the mountain trail.

Laying on an Oregon beach. Britt certainly didn't shy away from showing her cast in public

Britt described the pain during the descent 'Extreme' but is eternally thankful she was not alone on the mountain at the time of her injury.

Britt with her cast. How much would you pay to change places with the cat?

The boyfriend drove Britt to local emergency room. X-rays revealed a hairline break. Because swelling was minimal, Britt was sent across the street to an orthopedic practice. The leg was placed in a purple full leg cast.

Britt prides herself on her photography skills. An artsy pose here shoes off the cast and a kick ass shoe on her good foot

Britt is quite active on social media and pictures of her have appeared in numerous places. She is often referred to as the 'Lady in the Purple Cast' on cast fetish sites.

Britt certainly did not shy away from displaying her cast in public. After six weeks, the purple cast was replaced with a black one.

Britt and boyfriend showing off her new cast

Like most of the world inhabitants these days, Britt suffers from depression. She also has had extreme anxiety issues since childhood. She is an excellent artist and finds that drawing is a form of therapy for her anxiety.

Britt with one of her therapeutic drawings

Britt had a fascination with the cast. She carried a silver marker with her whenever in public in case she urge to let people sign the cast struck. In the eight weeks she was in the casts, no one signed the casts.

Boyfriend and Britt in an over sized ocean side chair

Britt also developed a fixation with her toes while in the cast. She sensed that her toes were the highlight accent on her pristine, signature free casts. She saw the casts as pieces of art. Every other Saturday night was 'toe night' while Britt was in the casts. On these nights, her boyfriend was allowed to paint her toenails - apparently a bit of a reward for him for taking care of her.

Of course, all things must come to an end. Britt's black cast was replaced with a brace last week. She will wear the brace for 3 to 4 weeks.

Britt in her brace.

A drawing Britt made of her now cast free leg.

Britt's last few drawings have featured her feet. I suspect 'toe night' will become a permanent fixture in her house.

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