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The most famous cast picture in history

In the 1980's, Playboy Magazine was a mainstream media magazine. Many men (and a few bisexual women like me) read the magazine to see pictures of the naked Playboy Bunny of the month.

But the magazine was not just about nudity. It was a handbook for the urban male in the 1980's. The magazine contained lots of fashion advice for men and was an amazing host of American fiction in the form of short stories. Writers featured in Playboy over the years include Norman Mailer, Ronald Dahl, Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, and Ian Fleming.

In 1984, Playboy produced a 'Girls Of Winter' edition.

The 1984 'Girls of Winter' Playboy Special Edition Sold over 5 Million Copies

The edition was 112 pages long and contained dozens of pictures of beautiful women scantily clad in winter attire.

One picture caught my eye when I first saw it. The picture was of a beautiful blond named Tania (not her real name) who was wearing a scarf, a full leg cast with toe plate, and nothing else. She was on a couch in what I assumed was a ski lodge. A fire roared in the back ground. Her crutches were propped against the sofa. The smile on the nymph's face left no doubt that there was room on that couch for every man in America.

Tania proudly sporting her full leg cast with cast warmer

I managed to track Tania down a few years ago but never talked to her. She is now in her early 60's and lives in Colorado. She has a bit of hippy and wild west in her but has aged very, very well.

Tania Today. Bet you never thought you wanted to have sex with a 60 year old woman. Should we all age so well

I am not sure if Tania really broke her or if Playboy staged the picture. My strong suspicion is that Tania did in fact injure her leg and the cast was medical. It is difficult to see in the picture above, but there is a significant scar on Tania's right knee. This scar is evidence of surgery for either a broken leg or a blown out knee. Either way, I believe Tania earned her full leg cast.

And with 5,000,000 copies of this magazine sold in 1984, I believe this is the most viewed cast picture in history.

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