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The Second Time Is The Charm

Updated: May 23, 2019

Melissa did not break a bone until the ripe old age of 32. Then the St. John's Canada native needed six months to recover from her broken leg

In October of last year, Melissa was walking in the woods near her house in New Brunswick, Canada and stepped in a hole. Melissa initially wrote the injury off as a sprain and managed to hobble home. Once there, Melissa's husband convinced the medical records tech to get an x-ray.

X-rays revealed a break in the lower fibula. Melissa was placed in a back slab splint and cautioned that surgery may be needed to stabilize the break.

This was Melissa's first broken bone. She looked radiantly happy in the ER after her back slab was applied. Wonder if her husband was the lucky guy who got to clean her plaster covered toes up?

The swelling in Melissa's left ankle was extensive. And God do I love her tatoos

After a week, the mother of two kids returned to the orthopedic surgeon to have a hard cast applied. The OS again warned Melissa that surgery may ultimately be required to stabilize the fibula. For the time being, however, everything looked good.

Here is Melissa on the way home from her follow-up visit with the Orthopedic Specialist. Melissa thought the cast was totally kewl

Melissa was placed in her pink cast Halloween week. She stayed home and handed out candy on crutches. Hubby took the kids out.

Two days after getting the cast, Melissa and her 10 year old daughter got pedicures. Most women would kill to have long elegant toes like these.

Melissa was introduced to the cast community while in her first cast. Creepers came out of the woodwork on social media. One idiot wanted Melissa to take a picture of her cast with a sock of covering her toes. Another offered to buy Melissa's cast after it was removed for the grand sum of $20. And she received numerous 'nice toes' comments as she posted dozens of photos of her casted foot.

Melissa is no idiot. As the cast community 'creepers' posted more and more comments on her social media sites, she increased the number of cast and toe pictures she posted. Quite the tease!

After six week, Melissa's cast was removed and she was placed in a walking boot. The OS once again warned that the fracture was not united and surgery may still be required.

Melissa was in her walking boot during the Christmas and New Years Holidays

An interesting dynamic occurred after Melissa's pink cast was removed. Before the injury, 99% of her social media posts were of her kids. After the cast was removed, Melissa's posts were primarily of herself -- and very foot fetish oriented. Her followers on one social media site increased from 200 to 2,000 in the six week period of time she was in the cast. I think Melissa realized she had become a social media cast and foot fetish icon.

Not one picture of Melissa's foot appears on her social media before breaking her leg. In February, her followers are treated to dozens

I believe that men and women should be proud of their bodies. Melissa certainly is. This picture was posted after her cast was removed in the dead of winter. There were 18 inches of snow on the ground and Melissa just 'happened' to have a bikini available

Another example of a foot tease picture. Melissa was deliberately teasing her increasingly large social media community

While February was a great month for Melissa's foot fetish followers, it was not so great for fracture healing. On February 28, Melissa had surgery to repair her broken fibula.

So, in early March, Melissa was essentially back to square one with her recovery. 10 days after surgery, her stitches were removed and she was placed in a stylish black cast. After the cast was on, Melissa's social media post rate rivaled Donald Trumps. The woman was obviously proud of her new look!

Melissa did not let people sign her second cast. Instead, she used it as a type of abacus to count down the number of days until cast removal.

Rebecca did not let a broken leg interfere with her workout routine

So let's do a re post of a picture done the previous month. High temperature this day was 29 degrees Fahrenheit. Her body of not bad for a mom of two who has been on crutches for 159 days

I have not seen one post of Melissa's kids in the last 60 days. All social media pics are of her cast and her feet.

So yesterday was a sad day in the history of the cast community. Melissa had her black cast removed and was told she should wear her boot for two weeks.

I don't think we have seen the last of Melissa. I think she enjoyed this little casting experience so much, she may break the other leg just for fun. Keep you eyes open for a part two of this story.

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