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The Smith Family Of Central Arkansas

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Meet the Smith family. From left to right , we have daughter Molly aged 18, son Lane aged 17, mom Kristy aged 39, and youngest daughter Kadence who is the star of this blog.

They are your average normal family, right? Well not quite.

The Smiths live in rural Arkansas where jobs and money are scarce, rednecks are plentiful, incest is common practice, and dirt track racing is the sport of choice.

Even in this unusual environment, the Smiths stand out as not quite normal. Mom, Kristy (2nd from the right), is a self proclaimed nympho maniac. She has never been married. And her three siblings each have a different father. There are rumors in the community that other children exist - the first being born when Kristy was in 8th grade. But I could not confirm these rumors.

What I can confirm is that each of the Smith family members shown above have broken a leg.

Mom broke hers in a sledding accident when she was in 2nd grade. Her left leg was encased in a toe to thigh plaster cast for eight weeks.

Son Lane, broke his right leg playing football with his cousins in 3rd grade. He earned himself 12 days in traction followed by 14 quality weeks in a hip spica cast. It was during this time that Lane's sister Molly began painting Lane's toenails and forcing the poor boy to wear panties. After Lane's cast was removed, he continued to allow Molly to dress him. It comes as no surprise that Lane today is openly gay.

Molly, herself, joined the broken leg club at the age of 16. She was 33 weeks pregnant with her third child when she tripped over a dog toy while answering the front door. This certainly made for an exciting morning for the mail man who watched helplessly as poor Molly, her right tibia and fibula snapped in half, writhed uncontrollably in the front hall. At the hospital, Molly refused drugs due to her pregnancy. She endured a 'life altering setting session that made the pain of child birth feel like an ingrown toenail' and gave birth three weeks later in a full leg cast.

This brings us to 12 year old Kadence. In April of 2017, Kadence was playing hopscotch at school during recess. She landed awkwardly while jumping and broke the tibia and fibula in her left lower leg. The breaks occurred at mid shaft. Kadence's mom was no where to be found, so mom's boyfriend at the time took her to the local emergency room.

In the ER, Kadence was drugged. Mother's boyfriend in the background. Note the arm tattoo

In the ER, Kadence's leg was placed in a temporary splint

Kadence visited a Orthopedic Surgeon's office 2 days later. Once again, mom was not able to take her daughter to the doctor. The family later found out that mom was on a small drug bender for 5 days. So brother Lane stepped up to the plate and took his sister. The bones were re-aligned and the leg was placed in a full leg cast.

Kadence was actually thrilled to be placed in a full leg cast. Maybe it had something to do with keeping up the family tradition.

After the cast was on, brother Lane made sure she got safely to mom's car and drove his sister home.

Isn't it nice to see a brother and sister so close.

The state of mom's car is indicative of the state of the family. Love that mom smokes unfiltered Camels

Kadence spent six weeks in the full leg cast and was then placed in a Patellar Tendon Bearing Cast. She wore that cast for four weeks before it was removed.

Kadence sitting in her sister's lap wearing the PTB cast

The cast removal process

For a little kid, Kadence has a lot on her mind. She know her mother is a drug addict and goes through several boyfriend's each year. She knows her brother is a cross dresser and knows that her sister plays some role in making him that way. In a way, the broken leg was a distraction from the craziness of Kadence's real world.

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