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Then And Now - Athlete's Edition

This blog edition covers three gorgeous women who were athletes in high school. Unfortunately, leg injuries ended the athletic career of two of the three woman.

We start with Halie. In the summer of 2013, Halie was a rising high school senior in Muscle Shoals , Alabama. Halie was attending a tumbling camp in nearby Tuscaloosa when she missed a landing. Halie suffered a badly broken and dislocated ankle. She was driven to a local medical center by her high school coach where immediate surgery was performed.

Halie in September, 2013 at a Friday night football game. Although she wore her cheer leading outfit, Halie would never again tumble or cheer.

Halie spent the next 4 months in a variety of casts and boots. The ankle eventually healed but that was the end of Halie's tumbling and cheer leading career.

Halie went on to attend the University of Alabama. She was an active sorority member and devout Christian. She is currently a 4th grade teacher in the Muscle Shoals school system.

How would you like to be 10 years old and have Miss Halie show up as your 4th grade teacher. Might make 4th grade fun. Sure better than dealing with the nuns I dealt with in elementary school

Current day Halie with her lucky boyfriend

Our second athlete, is Florida native, Shelby. Shelby was a soccer player in high school and was a good enough athlete to earn a full scholarship to play soccer at the University of Tampa.

Shelby at high school signing day.

In 2014, Shelby, then a sophomore mid fielder at Tampa had a little collision with an opposing defender. The defender's knee slammed violently into Shelby's knee as Shelby's foot was firmly planted in dry turf. Shelby twisted violently as she fell to the ground.

Shelby after one of her many knee surgeries

One of Shelby's teammates described the scene after the injury. "It was sick. Shelby's knee basically exploded when she fell. It sounded like a shotgun went off. She was laying face down on the ground but the toe of her shoe was pointing toward the sky. She was in so much pain she couldn't talk. Her leg swelled like a watermelon."

The injuries included a broken distal femur, tibial plateau fracture, dislocated knee, and torn MCL, ACL, and meniscus. Any one of the injuries alone would be serious. Taken together, they were disastrous.

The fear of Shelby losing her leg was so great, an orthopedic surgeon was helicoptered to the field. The surgeon reduced the dislocated knee, stabilized the knee, and accompanied Shelby on a return flight to Tampa General Hospital.

That was the end of Shelby's soccer playing career. After a dozen surgeries and a series of braces and casts, Shelby regained the use of her knee although she is in almost constant pain. Shelby went on to graduate from the University of Tampa and received a masters degree in Physical Education from Florida State University.

Current day Shelby

She currently works as Director of Operations for the woman's soccer program at the University of Kansas.

And finally, we come to Mia who is a Pennsylvania native and high school track star.

Mia, a high school senior, doing physical therapy while in a full leg cast. The girl is not color shy. Note the blue toe nails and yellow cast

In 2009, while a senior in high school, Mia suffered a broken tibia and fibula as a result of a skiing accident. Already a college track scholarship candidate, Mia's parent's opted for non-surgical treatment of her injury with intense physical therapy. Mia's leg was set and she was placed in a full leg cast.

Can you pick which of these high school seniors is Mia?

Two months after the injury, Mia was placed in a smaller, less colorful cast.

Mia is the only one of our three blog post individuals to recover from her injury. She attended St. Joseph's University in Pennsylvania where she lettered four years in soccer, track, and cross country. Mia ran the hurdles in college and majored in Food Marketing.

Current Day Mia

She is currently a Sales Operations Analyst for Heinz Foods in Pittsburgh.

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