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Then And Now - Book Of Mormon Edition

I am the last one who will make fun of someone's religion. Personally, I have a hard time believing that an omnipotent deity created a world in which plague, nuclear warfare, famine, and school killings exist.

But hey. I get through life by over indulging in alcohol, drugs, and sex. Others comfort themselves by believing their God will eventually explain things to them and admit them to some type of eternal heaven.

To each his own.

Mormon Temple In Salt Lake

The Church of the Latter Day Saints is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Informally known as the Mormon Church, the LDS is a branch of Christianity which believes things didn't end from a scripture standpoint after the Saint James Bible was redacted. Back in the early 1800's, Joseph Smith introduced the Book of Mormon as a Sequel to the traditional bible.

Forgetting about religious doctrine for a moment, I have a theory that Mormons break bones at a greater rate than other Christians. This could be because many of them live in mountainous Utah and have a great love of winter sports. Or it could just be something in the water in Salt Lake City.

In this 'then and now' blog, I want to introduce you to three Mormon women who have had the misfortune to break a leg. Two of the women are probably very familiar to members of the cast community. What you may not know though is come of the backstory and what they are doing today.


Misty waiting for the pain meds to kick in

Misty became world famous when she broke her ankle in 2013 in a zip lining accident. Somehow the line broke and Misty ended up hitting a tree before doing a face plant on the ground. The attending physician labeled the cause of the accident 'Gravity.'

Misty's ankle before reduction. Things don't look quite right

Fortunately for us, Misty's partner video'd the ER team setting Misty's ankle. In a series of four video's we see Misty being put to sleep and see the ER staff put the ankle back in position. We also see Misty waking up from her drugs.

Fortunately for us, Misty has great feet and toes. I am constantly amazed at how many women who break a leg have perfect pedicures when they arrive at the ER.

Throughout the videos, Misty displays a sense of humor. Her partner does a good job of encouraging conversation.

Misty was placed in a splint once her ankle was set. She had surgery the next day and spent 9 weeks in a short leg cast.

Misty (right) and her partner Cynthia. Photo was taken in 2018

Today, Misty is a guidance counselor at a school in Utah. She is an avid biker and hiker as is her partner Cynthia.

By the way, for those of you wondering, the Mormon Church frowns on gay and lesbian relationship. I was raised Catholic. So I am used to inexplicable church doctrines. The Mormon Church view of gay and lesbian relationships may take the cake though. According to the Mormon Church. "The experience of same-sex attraction is a complex reality for many people. The attraction itself is not a sin, but acting on it is."  Go figure.


Erica played soccer for Brigham Young University in Provo Utah. The University is owned by the Mormons and is recognized as being an excellent educational institution.

In 2011, Erica broke her leg in practice a day before the season started. She played goalie for the team and had a collision with a team mate near the goal. She broke both her tibia and fibula.

This photo is iconic for those in the cast community who have a bit of a sadistic streak. Erica's leg has been splinted. Her face is a study in pain and shock. Her toes are painted a delicate pink. Looks of concern on the EMT's. And the team mate holding Erica's hand while making a call to a relative or friend

Erica being loaded into the ambulance for a trip to the hospital.

Erica the day after the injury with team mates. She received plates in screws in both her tibia and fibula.

Erica recovered from her injury in a few months. She returned to the team the following year and leg BYU to a number 5 ranking among women's college soccer teams in the United States.

Clip taken from a news show about female firefighters in Utah

Today, Erica is a fire fighter in Utah. She considered trying her hand at professional soccer but fell in love with fire fighting. She is not married.


OK. I am cheating here. I am too lazy to write about new third Mormon. So I found an old blog post.

In December of last year, I wrote a blog about little Em who broke her leg falling off a ladder. Em lives in New Zealand and her dad is a pastor with the Mormon Church.

Today, Em is high school student. She participates in track and field hockey. She works at the local 'Shake Shed' in New Zealand.

Helpless little Em turned into a very pretty girl

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