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Then and Now - The Jewish Version

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I adore Jewish women. In the 90's I lived briefly in Tel Aviv. I developed a relationship with a woman who was part of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Military service is compulsory for men and women over the age of 18 in Israel.

The woman's name was Beth. She was a small woman with curly red hair. As most of you know, red heads drive me nuts as does curly hair.

She had curly red hair. Although Jews do not have a greater incidence of red hair than any other nationality, they have been associated with red hair for centuries. Both Shylock in the Merchant of Venice and wayward apostle Judas in the Christian New Testament were portrayed as red heads. As were Esau and David in the Old Testament Christian bible. To me, gingers are people with short tempers, high spirits, and a love of life.

Beth had several other things going for her that would make me putty in her hands. These included:

  • She was Jewish. I love Jewish men and women. The whole persecution story - and the rebellious attitude that resulted from it - fascinates me.

  • She wore a military uniform to work each day. This was during my submissive phase so authority icons appealed to me.

  • She carried a sub machine gun at work.

  • She wore handcuffs on her uniform belt

  • She knew how to use the handcuffs

  • She had an amazingly strong tongue and she knew how to use it.

Well, enough about me and my fetishes and sexual phases. Let's get on with this blog.

In this episode of 'Then and Now' we will explore three Jewish woman who had the misfortune to break a leg and end up in a full leg cast.


I adore Lindsay. Her curly hair and classic Jewish looks drive me nuts. Lindsay is a native of Southern California who went to college in Oregon.

Lindsay having one of her 12 casts removed. The woman spent six months in a full leg cast. Her nickname on the University of Oregon campus was 'the girl who broke her leg.'

In 2014, Lindsay was skiing at Mt. Hood in Oregon. She was a college student at the University of Oregon at the time. In her own words, here is what happened: "I broke my tibia right below my knee and all the way through because I caught and edge and I flipped. The landing resulted in the broken bone and it took roughly 6-9 months to be perfectly healed. My love for skiing got me back on the slopes. A broken bone isn’t something catastrophic enough to make me stop participating in one of my favorite things to do in the world."

Lindsay's leg was splinted and she was taken by sled to a base hospital. She then endured a 4 hour car ride from Mouth Hood to Eugene, Oregon in the cargo area of a Jeep Cherokee. The jeep was driven by her college room mate. The curly haired Lindsay smoked marijuana non-stop during the ride to reduce the pain she called 'soul consuming'. Lindsay alternated between crying and laughing during the trip.

Lindsay has long, elegant feet and toes. She loves showing them off. She actually enjoyed some facets of being in a full leg cast for six months including watching guys stare at her exposed toes

Upon arrival at the hospital in Eugene, Lindsay's leg was x-rayed and placed in plaster back slab. She was admitted for observation over night when a first year resident mistook her wacky behavior as signs of concussion rather than cannabis overdose.

Today Lindsay is a graphic artist and photographer in San Diego

Lindsay spent almost six months in full leg casts. The casts were changed every other week. While the fracture was not badly displaced, Lindsay experienced non-union issues. She has fully recovered from the injury and lives in Southern California.

By the way, if I didn't mention it, Lindsay is a natural red head.


In September of 2014, Lizzy was a 14 year old 8th grader. She was at cheer leading practice one afternoon when she landed awkwardly after a jump. She knew something was wrong immediately and limped to a nearby bench. Initially suspecting an ankle sprain, the school trainer iced the ankle and placed Lizzy in an ace bandage. Lizzy was sent home on a pair of used athletic department crutches with instructions to see a doctor if improvement did not occur in three days.

Lizzy just before her first cast change. Fortunately, the position of her fracture had not worsened

Four days later, Lizzy's mother, a teacher at Lizzy's school, took the poor girl to an orthopedist. X-rays revealed an impressive fracture of Lizzy's tibia just above the ankle. Lizzy and mom were given the choice of surgery to insert a plate and screws or more conventional treatment with a long leg cast for an extended period of time.

Mom, hoping that her daughter would earn a college cheer leading scholarship, nixed the surgery option.

What happened next was 'surreal' in Lizzy's words. "It was like the doctor was punishing me for not choosing surgery. He insisted I be awake when my leg was set. I am terrified of needles and he stuck this huge one right in the break site. He had to try 4 or 5 times because he kept hitting the bone above or below the break. I was in a gown and the room was cold as a freezer but I was sweating like crazy. Two nurses were trying to distract me. When he finally got the needle in the right spot the pain was mind numbing."

Lizzy and her brother in a photo taken earlier this year. Isn't Lizzy's red hair stunning?

Fortunately for Lizzy, the block worked and the setting and casting process was relatively pain free. Lizzy spent a total of 8 weeks in a long leg casts. She then spent time in a walking boot.

Lizzy at her senior prom.

Today, Lizzy is a freshman at the University of Virginia. Unfortunately, mom's dream of a college cheer leading scholarship evaporated when the doctor stuck the needle in Lizzy's leg. On that day, she swore she would never go near a pom pom again.


Parker lives in Michigan. Her family are huge Michigan State fans.

Parker on the day of her cast removal. Note the absence of signatures or drawings on the cast. None of the three women in this blog allowed anyone to sign their cast

In December of 2018, Parker broke her ankle in a school basketball game. At the emergency room, she was placed in a walking boot with instructions to see an orthopedist as soon as possible. After seeing the 4' crack in Parker's tibia, the orthopedist recommended a full leg cast. Tears followed as Parker thought life in the cast would be horrible.

To the contrary, Parker actually enjoyed her time in the cast. She went to Christmas parties, went bowling, and attended Michigan State basketball games while showing off her stylish black cast.

After six weeks, Parker's cast was removed and she was allowed to bear weight immediately. By April, she resumed her athletic career.

Parker competing in track in 5 months after breaking her leg.

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