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Good Golly Miss Molly

Several weeks ago, I introduced you to Al who is a 13 year old skateboarder from Australia. Al broke her leg skateboarding and documented her recovery from the injury on social media.

Now meet Molly who is an 11 year old skateboarder also from Australia. Molly openly says her social media accounts are 'Overlooked by parents'. Fortunately, her pictures include nothing of a sexual nature. Pure fun from the sport of skateboarding.

Until she broke her leg that is.

On October 6 of last year, Molly broke her leg skateboarding. She was taken by ambulance to the local hospital where the leg was x-rayed and placed in a temporary splint.

Molly at the scene of the accident. Her friends and the EMT seem to be happy. Molly not so much

Molly broke both her tibia and her fibula

Molly in the ER. She had her leg placed in a temporary splint while under sedation

By the next morning, Molly was smiling with friends

The following day, Molly was taken to an operating room. It was thought pins would be needed to stabilize the fracture. However, the Australian doctors were able to set the leg without the use of pins. Molly was placed in a cast and spent the next few days in the hospital.

Originally, doctors thought Molly would need surgery to set the leg properly

Molly surrounded by friends a few hours after having her leg properly set

When Molly was released from the hospital, the prognosis was for six months without skating. She was also warned that surgery may still be necessary if the position of the bones shift.

Molly's first cast was wrapped with protective bandages before her release from the hospital and she was confined to a wheelchair

One week later, Molly returned to her OS. The leg was x-rayed again and she was placed in a larger, more protective cast which she would wear for 8 weeks. . Like most 11 year olds, Molly adapted to life in her cast.

Molly with a skateboarding friend

At the young age of 11, Molly is a bit of a social advocate

Molly engaged in a vigorous game of hand ball

Molly enjoys a beautiful day at the beach

After eight weeks, Molly's leg was x-rayed again and the cast was removed. She underwent physical therapy. By early March of this year, she was back to skateboarding.

Molly on the day of her cast removal

Molly worked hard to re-build the strength in her leg. By the way, I wouldn't mind receiving a little therapy from her therapist

By early March, Molly was skateboarding again

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