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Third Time Is The Charm

Maddy is a college freshman who resides in Colorado. Like many featured bone breakers on this site, Maddy comes from a large family. She has seven brothers and sisters.

Maddy is an artist and is a devout Christian.

Maddy sporting her red cast earned in a sledding accident last November

In November of last year, Maddy had a well documented sledding accident. She suffered a broken right ankle. This would not be necessarily noteworthy except this was the third time Maddy had broken her right leg. So it is not surprising in the video below that Maddy knew immediately that her ankle was broken.

Maddy's treatment was pretty conventional. She was whisked off to the ER in her family vehicle. Surgery was required to reduce the fracture and Maddy was placed in a stylish short leg cast for six weeks.

Maddy on the way to the hospital with a couple of siblings

Maddy awaiting surgery with her sister

Maddy's X-ray taken during surgery. On her social media page, Maddy proudly said she added 1 plate and 5 screws to her already impressive collection of hardware in her right leg

Maddy came out of surgery in her red cast. With her history of leg injuries, Maddy was an ace with crutches. She documented her recovery from the injury and her difficulties painting with a cast on her leg in a series of videos.

Maddy in her art studio. Maddy paints standing up so the cast and crutches presented a challenge for her

Maddy in her first video discussing how the injury occurred

After six weeks, Maddy's cast was removed and she was placed in a walking boot.

Maddy having her cast removed

Maddy waiting for X-rays after her cast was removed

Maddy in a fashion model pose shows off her walking boot

Maddy's first experience with broken bones and casts occurred when Maddy was 13. She required extensive surgery to repair a broken tibia and femur. Her right leg was broken in a high impact car crash. Because of the location of the breaks, Maddy's leg was only casted briefly.

Maddy started collecting hardware in her leg at a young age.

In 2016, Maddy followed up with her second break. This injury occurred at camp during a game of capture the flag. Maddy snapped her tibia in half. In spite of the gruesome nature of the injury, doctors were able to set Maddy's leg manually. She spent 8 weeks in a full leg cast followed by a series of below the knee casts. After a year, the hardware was removed from her tibia.

Maddy's leg after break number two. I hope Maddy's team won the game of 'Capture the Flag'

Maddy sporting a walking cast and a bat girl costume after break number two

Today Maddy has fully recovered from the injuries. She a freshman in college and continues to paint.

Maddy's social media pages are laced with pictures of her feet. This shot was taken this summer

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